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By: Limoeg Veigroeg
Most of the people like watching a lot of birds flying around their homes. For someone bird watching is like a hobby. Many people wish to have birdhouse in their backyards, or just to transmit a house for the birds. Not everyone has the opportunity or skill to build a birdhouse. For them buying such a house online is the right reply.

Here are some tips for choosing a bird house. Have in mind that each bird house fulfils the following specs.

1.The box should open on every side, front and from the top to give an easy access for cleaning. This is especially very important to clean it at the end of the season.( Only the large Martin feeders are exception. There is not possibility of holes for all compartments. Anyway, the entrance hole is big enough for easy cleaning by using a hooked instrument or tongs.)

2.The entrance should be overhung by the roof by 1 to 2 inches against rain and sun.

3.It is not necessary to have perches in a bird house. Moreover they could be a disadvantage because they could attract House Sparrows which often take over nests of other birds.

4.Depending on your birds the entrance hole could be in different sizes. Particular birds require specific sizes . Also the size of the hole keeps invasive Starlings out of the bird house but if you are not certain then a generic entrance hole with diameter 1 1/2 inches is what you need.

5.There should be holes or slits for ventilation in summer along the top of the front of the box or at the top of the box sides.

6.There should be holes or cut off corners on the bottom of the box for draining .

7.There should be a pole , a rope , a bracket or a chain to hung the box .

8.It should be made of thick wood like pine or cedar for better insulation from heat and cold.

9. Wooden and bird houses from metal can revise paint when they are exhibited to the elements. The natural weathering is a share of their looks.

10.You can magnetize birds to your yard with food, water, shelter. The bird house is a mode to make the wildlife feel welcome any time and attract them to be back every year.

11. When buying a birdhouse on Internet, you must be sure and to make a bill for you. There are such houses which could be pricey. But also there are birdhouses which you may buy inexpensive by Internet.

Daci Georgieva writes for who specialize in Bird Houses and Bird Feeders . Visit the website for more details.

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