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By: Chad Goehring
There are several factors that contribute to some critical mistakes that newly married couples make regarding their credit. The points outlined in here will save these young and sometimes not so young couples from some pretty serious credit troubles going forward.

Although the depth of the reasoning behind these points cannot be fully explored here, the foundations of reason will be revealed for each point.

Point #1: Merge your bank accounts but DO NOT merge credit accounts:
In merging your bank accounts you set the tone for a marriage of good communication and mutual decision making. The same value is not given to credit accounts however. It is best to keep accounts as individual accounts even after getting married. This leaves room for possible financial difficulty at any point in the future and allows for negative impact for one with little or no impact on the spouse.

Point #2: Add spouse as an authorized user to individual accounts:
Some of the questions that may arise from point #1 get answered here. By adding the new spouse to the other spouses individual accounts the added spouse gets the benefits of keeping track of the credit accounts and the ability use the credit accounts as if he/she was a joint account holder but the authorized user can be removed from the account if financial trouble ever hits. That way if one spouse is ever forced to stop paying or falls behind on his/her credit accounts, the other spouse is protected from the negative reporting and will maintain his/her good credit rating.

Point #3: DO NOT close old individual accounts:
A large portion of your credit score is determined by the length of time your credit has been established and the length of time specific accounts have been held. Closing old accounts for a fresh start together is a bad idea as it impacts your credit history and can have a negative effect on credit scores.

These are three great points to consider when getting married or just married. Use them and you will be able to better handle any possible financial or credit situation that could arise in the future. Please do not consider this to be a negative look at marriage or joint responsibility in marriage; I am a firm believer in such things. Please don’t think that I am predicting negative financial or credit situations in all marriage either; it is only a consideration of the possible that will hopefully never happen.

About the Author:

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Chad Goehring is a credit expert, business coach & a dynamic public speaker. He regularly writes and speaks on topics such as identity theft, personal credit and sales/marketing. Read more on here.

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