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By: Jhon Napier
Spermatorrhoea, also known as wet dreams, is a male sexual problem characterized by involuntary seminal discharge or emission. This sort of discharge usually takes place without sexual stimulation and orgasm. Some amount of seminal emission is considered quite normal in a male who does not indulge in frequent sexual union. But when the number of seminal emissions shoots up abnormally, it becomes a problem. A male who suffers from excessive seminal emission or spermatorrhoea, may experience the following side-effects: headache, back ache, lethargy, dizziness, weak eyesight, excessive sweating, limbs tremor, palpitations, insomnia, depression, low libido, physical weakness and so on. The phenomenon of spermatorrhoea usually takes place in the early hours of morning. Spermatorrhoea is more of a symptom than a disease. Spermatorrhoea is more common among adolescent males. The possible Spermatorrhoea triggers are:

1. Weakness of the nervous system
2. Feebleness of urinary and genital organs
3. Over-masturbation habits
4. Sexual dissatisfaction
5. Over-indulgence in erotic thoughts
6. Testicular irritation due to tightness of the fore skin
7. Narrow urethral exit
8. Disorders of the rectum like piles, fissures, worms and eruptions of the skin
9. Full bladder
10. Testosterone based medications
11. Stimulation due to contact with mattresses or blankets.

Cures for spermatorrhoea:

1. Eat a well balanced, nutritious diet

2. Stay away from alcohol

3. Eat less at dinner time

4. Empty your bladder retiring to bed

5. Sleep on a tough mattress.

6. Do not use tight underpants while sleeping

7. Practice Kegel exercises to get rid of spermatorrhoea

8. Wake up early in the morning with the help of an alarm clock. This will check the occurrence of seminal slips which usually tend to occur in the early hours of morning.

9. Devote your energy to creative and constructive jobs rather than indulging in licentious thoughts.

10. Get in to healthy bowel moving habits to check piles and other rectal disorders

11. Observe proper genital hygiene to check the irritation of the region and the resultant seminal emission.

12. You can take potent herbal pills like NF Cure capsules. These pills are composed of powerful curative herbs like safed musli, shilajeet, ashwagandha, kauncha beej, haritaki and kesar.

13. Try out following spermatorrhoea home cures:

a. Add 2 teaspoons of Indian plum powder to a glass of milk and drink to get cured of spermatorrhoea.

b. Intake of curd in plenty is an effective home cure for spermatorrhoea.

c. Eat bananas daily and then immediately drink a cup of warm milk. This will give you relief from spermatorrhoea.

d. Drinking a cup of sage tea before bedtime can abate spermatorrhoea.

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