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Again in case of commercial website it should contain pictures, graphics, videos and other audio visual elements.

Some of the important points by Website Designing India regarding the design of a website are discussed here under.

Color At the time of designing your website, Website Designing India emphasizes about the color scheme. It should be simple and pleasing to the eyes of the customer for whom it is meant. The color of the text and background help in easy reading. It is better to choose the color combination similar throughout the web design, Website Designing India says. Do not try to change the color of the page frequently. Blue and white, red, yellow and white, blue and orange are some of the important color experimented by Website Designing India. When you face problems in choosing color combination then you can surf the internet and find sites that are similar to your subject and check what color patterns they have used.

Simple Navigation Secondly Website Designing India wants to make your navigation such a manner that it should enable the visitor to move around through its pages quite easily. The text in the navigation should be pinpointing of the topic or the page to which it directs the customers. Website Designing India usually puts the navigation links on the left side of the page for more convenient. It has become a convention as the customers are used to looking for navigation links on the left side. Moreover, navigation links can also be placed in the bottom of each page so that the visitors do not have to scroll back to the top.

Templates and Site map Templates are the basic things in website design and it can be obtained from your web design software such as front page. Several websites that expert in website template designing can also download it. When your website contains more than 15 pages then it is advisable to include a site map for the visitors to find easily what they are actually searching for.

Content Website Designing India says content is the king in website design.

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