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By: Niko Bawa
Tequila, Mexico is the only place where a distilled spirit called Tequila can be produced. This spirit is fermented and distilled twice from the juice of agave plant. The production process of Tequila is in tight regulation and the compliance must put forth by the Mexican government.

To produce a very smooth tequila you should begin with ripe blue agave plants, considering it takes eight or ten years to mature. When the plants are near their maximum maturity, the particular leaves are stripped off and the actual core or "piña" is the material to be used in the making of tequila. These cores may weigh form 40 to 80 lbs, and some weighs even more.

The juices will now ferment for period of 30 to 48 hours without another process that takes involve. At this stage the fermented piña juices has about 6% alcoholic content. The particular fermented juice is sublimated two or even three times in either customary copper stills or perhaps more up to date still which are made of a stainless steel. First distillation is definitely a rough, low-grade distillate and the second or third run is being used to purify as well as the main substance of a perfect liquor. Eventually, manufacturers wish to create a merchandise which captures the particular aroma with the agave and, at the same time, tastes genuine as possibly can.

When the juices are in fermentation tanks, yeast will be added. The technique of adding the yeast varies from on producers to another. With this point, the particular yeast begins to act upon the actual sugars from the roasted pulp, turning this into alcohol.

Tequila is actually without doubt the national beverage of Mexico. The history of the starts of liquor is really a symbol of an abundant traditions that goes back 900 years. The historic Aztecs utilized a variation of liquor which was consumed during spiritual weddings and celebrations. More variants associated with spirits are already created throughout central Mexico above all years past.

This one gets the basic tequila blanco, or perhaps silver tequila. Oro, or gold, liquor demands two months aging process in an oak container. Reposado tequila also known as "tested tequila" must be aged as much as 12 months. Tequila añejo is premium spirits and also has to be older for at least one year in oak. Several producers age añejo even for a long period of time. This is considered to be the best tequila available and definitely will end up being very expensive.

Liquor aficionados are usually purchasing as well as collecting premium brand liquors in the same way people buy and also acquire single malt scotches. The Spirits lovers of these days will certainly spend up-wards of 100 bucks for any single bottle of spirits. America's notion of tequila is changing since the rise in availability of this particular spirit is growing. The actual interest in premium spirits may continue to change because consumers turn out to be extra educated relating to this historic drink which was the first spirit produced in North America.

Tequila has been initially produced sometime it the 16th century in central Mexico. If the Spanish came in 1521, and leaped out of their brandy, they applied the century plant and distilled the first agave plant drink. This particular laid the actual relation for contemporary tequila producing. Present day spirits was first mass-produced inside 1800's in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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