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By: Adair Sawyer
If you search the Internet today you will find that there is now this trend among Americans to buy their medicines from Canada. The FDA wants the Americans to buy their medicines from the USA but since there is no law that states that Americans have to do so, many people are now looking at across the border chemists to buy their medicines. If you look at a top Canadian pharmacy you will find that they have many American customers listed with them. There are many reasons why people go to a Canada pharmacy to buy their medicines and these reasons are pretty valid.

The biggest advantage of buying medicines from a Canadian pharmacy is cost saving. For all the generic patented prescription drugs, the cost is half or less in Canada than in the USA. For example, 112 Premarin tablets in a Canada pharmacy cost $58.50 compared to $116.99 when you buy in the USA. And this is not an isolated case. For most of the other medicines the situation is the same.

The second biggest advantage of buying medicines from a Canadian pharmacy is that one gets great quality medicines. It is not that the quality of medicines in the USA is bad. But when you bring the cost factor in, buying from a Canada pharmacy indeed seems lucrative. Any professional pharmacy in Canada only dispatches medicines when the person ordering the medicines has sent them their physician’s original prescription. Moreover, narcotic drugs are not shipped under any circumstances. And before any medicine is shipped, a licensed pharmacist checks them for quality.

The third advantage is planning and saving time when you buy medicines from a Canadian pharmacy. A Canada pharmacy can ship up to 3 months’ supply of medicines in one go. So, you can get your 3 months’ supply of medicines by spending 5 minutes on their website and this means no visit to the local chemist. Moreover, since the medicines take about a week to arrive, you also start planning your time better. The moment you see your supply is almost over you just have to visit their website and order for a refill.

Yes, there is always the threat where you wonder if you are dealing with a professional Canadian pharmacy. Look out for some licenses to ascertain that you are dealing with a genuine Canada pharmacy. Check whether they are endorsed by Health Canada, and Canadian International Pharmacy Association. When you reach the payment page see if the page has been secured by VeriSign and ScanAlert Hacker Safe or not. These are some of the signs and signals of professional pharmacies in Canada.

With these advantages that are there it is no wonder that pharmacies in Canada are doing so well when it comes to attracting American customers. Any Canadian pharmacy is now looking to improve more so that they can do business across the border. And this is the reason dealing with a professional Canada pharmacy is such a fantastic experience.

Money, time and quality are the biggest benefits that you get when you deal with a professional Canadian pharmacy . Choose your Canada pharmacy today and start dealing with them for getting all these benefits.

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