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By: Steve Bassett
Personalised T Shirts aren’t exactly new. In fact, they’ve been around for quite a while. Why do these flighty facets of fashion still exist? Why bother getting one?

Do you need a reason? Here are ten:

1. Freedom of expression
Are you witty or artistic? Do you have a message you want to give to the world? You can have a custom T shirt printing company put it on a shirt and show it to the world.

2. Totally unique
With custom shirts, you can honestly say you have a one-of-a-kind fashion item. After all, who else would wear a shirt with your name emblazoned on the front? Except for your fan club, of course. Which brings us to…

3. Shareable
Do you actually have a fan club? Do your friends belong to the same organization or have the same interests? You can print multiple custom shirts to share with your friends and family. After all, it’s fun to belong.

4. Affordable
Personalised T shirts are very affordable, whether you’re ordering one or a dozen. So you can go always go wild and print up however many you want.
5. Gifts
Celebrate a special occasion by giving your friend or family member a shirt with your personalised message. It’s a lot more thoughtful than a card, and more practical, too!

6. Advertising
Got an event you want to promote? A cause you want to raise money for? Every person wearing your shirt is another walking billboard bearing your message!

7. No holds barred
There’s only one rule when it comes to custom printed shirts: it’s your shirt! Print whatever amuses you (as long as you’re brave enough to wear it)!

8. Attention
You’re more likely to get compliments/comments for wearing a personalised shirt than a bland, mass-produced name brand shirt - especially if your design is particularly witty or creative. Just make sure it’s the kind of attention you want to get.

9. Selling
If you’re the artistic type, you can make some good money putting your designs on shirts and selling them! Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to put up your own brand label!

10. Fun
The most basic of reasons. You might want to make people laugh. You might want to show your love for a show, book, or hobby. Or you might want to wear one just because you want to.

So with all these reasons, it’s easy to see how Personalised T Shirts have kept their place in modern closets. Grabbing one for yourself is as easy as going to a custom T shirt printing shop and giving them your design. Or, if you don’t have one, they have many other stock images and graphics on hand you can mix and match.

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