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By: Darcy Shaw is a website dedicated to providing information on salmon. This includes much needed salmon recipe varieties, purchase sources, nutrition facts and advice and tips on cooking this versatile fish. Why does salmon deserve all this attention you may ask.

As salmon is one of the fattier fish, it is sturdy, and holds up to a large number of cooking styles, including baking, grilling, poaching, pan-frying or broiling. The important factor to keep in mind is not to let it dry out. If you prefer to use a dry heat method – for instance grilling or baking, then popular advice is to cook just until it flakes. This usually involves approximately 10 minutes for each inch of thickness, if grilling the timing will be even less. A popular misconception is that salmon must be kept cooking until it is completely thick and solid but in salmon if you were to do this the fish would most probably be dry at the end of that time
Another advantage that salmon holds over other fish types is that it works exceedingly well with a wide variety of flavours. Whereas more delicate fish are overwhelmed with strong flavours, salmon takes to lots of different sauces, rubs, and marinades (like a fish to the water so to speak!). Salmon can be served with a pesto, immersed in a Thai curry, or just simply served with a squeeze of lemon or lime, with or without a sprinkling of herbs. Like almost all fish, salmon too goes well with citrus flavours. Though dill is probably the herb most commonly associated with salmon, almost any fresh herb you can think of tastes amazing with it.

Additionally salmon can be served up with an assortment of vegetables that mix well with it. Spring vegetables such as asparagus and mushrooms and any other spring vegetables are popular and ideal choices for a combination salmon dish.
The website offers over 700 recipes that include the above advice in a variety of combinations. For example, grilled mustard dill salmon fillet – a wonderfully aromatic dish that is sure to bring you a lot of compliments. Salmon BBQ parcels with herbs, wine and beans - This technique for baking fish bakes the salmon right on the platter you will serve it on, and retains its moisture beautifully. Orange scented salmon fillet with cranberry compote – brings together a mouthful of flavour that works very well with the rich taste of salmon. It works best for baked salmon. Smoked salmon quiche in filo pastry is an all time party favourite and can be used as a main dish or accompaniment.

These salmon recipes are simply a sample of the mouth watering, deliciously scrumptious recipes that await you on So hurry, visit our site and get cooking!

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