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Author: Nicson
The game of golf is continuously gaining popularity and a lot of people from all over the world are getting involved and fascinated by this game. It is no longer a game of rich or royal, it has followers from all sections of society. These days it is played more by youngsters than middle age people. Everyone can play golf, however not everyone can be skilled in this game. If you really would want to be proficient in your golf game then forget these following myths about this game:

• That our new golf clubs hit farther than older golf clubs.
• I will be able the hit the ball, if longer would be my drive.
• While I lower the loft on my driver, will be able to hit the ball farther.
• My newer clubs will make me to have a larger sweet spot.
• Women golf players have special designed golf clubs.
• One can play better only with branded club.
• If my kid is playing I will cut down a set of golf clubs for him.
• The efficient golfers play with the custom fit golf clubs.

Check the few tips that can boost your interest in your favourite game, letting you play in an interesting way.

• The visualization of the game is very important that can help you concentrates more your each hit. If you stand just behind the ball and focus towards the angle that you have planned or imagined.

• While hitting a shot just relax your body and be tension free. The stress can make your toughest and the ball tend to swing in other direction. So the gold should be played keeping your body and mind in relax mood.

• Once you hit towards the right direction, it would encourage you to strike the ball in correct direction. A good start is half battle win. So if you are able to play first few shots correctly, it would affect your whole game.

• The most important factor involved in this game is that while playing golf your posture should be correct. This entails standing with your knees bent and your shoulders square when you are addressing the ball. If you can achieve this posture then you should see an improvement in your swing which in turn will make your game better.

These simple mantras will help you to play your game in more interesting way and passion. However we would suggest you to play golf with effective golf balls and clubs. If you want to obtain cheap golf clubs, contact We offer whole sale golf clubs at factory rates as we supply directly from the factory. So, even the cheap golf clubs can bring dramatic improvement in your game. Somebody has rightly said, ‘practice makes a man perfect”. So by following the right technique and practice can make you adept in golf game and bust the myth that golfer can play better only with the branded golf club.

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