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By: Indiamart
Transportation and packaging is one of the important factors and plays a vital role in supply chain system. To transport the products and other equipments safely, the containers and high quality
polymer integrated bags are widely used. To check the quality of the bags, the process of making these bags goes through numerous testing and then finalized procedure.

Flexituff is one of the foremost manufacturers and service provider of
packaging and bulk transportation. Dissipative Type D Bags, Asbestos bags, Garden Waste Bags, Carry Bags, Container Liner Bags, Conductive Type C Bags, Form Fitted Liner Bags and more are some high quality products which offered by the Flexituff. Flexituff is fully autonomous service provider, providing vagaries of subcontracted material and bags. All these products and services are integrated with high quality elements and strong polymers which are long lasting and reliable as well. To check the strength and potency, all the bags and containers are followed by testing process which include QUV tester, Load Test Rig, U.V. Resistance test, Tensile Testing and then finalize the process of making these bags. Flexituff indulged in providing a blend of desirable high quality polymer bags which are qualitative and well-built as well. These testings help in providing strength to reproduce the damage caused by sun light, rain and dew while transporting.

Flexituff offer wide assortment of bags which helps in moving heavy products from one place to another easily. Polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate roofing sheet, polycarbonate baseplate and profiled polycarbonate sheet are some specifying systems which delivered by Flexituff. Khurpa is also known as hand toe which basically used in gardening. This tool consists of a pointed, straight, metallic -sharp edge with a tang implanted into a wooden handle. The blade and a tang are indulged in solitary portion to a stature from medium or high carbon steel. According to the soil and cultural practices, the shape and design of the khurpi is varied.

As it is an hand tool, it is held in one hand and is pushed into the soil for removal of weeds or unwanted plants. The cutting or digging up of the weed or undesired plant takes place due to shear and crash action of the blade of the khurpi. There are numerous types of khurpi which include push type khurpi, push and pull type khurpa, small khurpi and more. The external rim is used to remove the weeds by pushing action and the inner edge is used similar to sickle for cutting of weeds with broad branches. The tool is made from gentle steel rod or four-sided figure section by forging.

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