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By: Brett Price
Financial planning is an integral part of any individual’s life. You have to secure your future so that you can live a comfortable life after retirement, without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. You also have to plan to be in a position to deal with any unexpected future financial crisis. Good financial management will largely depend upon your own personal needs. Since there are so many stages and branches in financial planning, you should seek the assistance of a reputed financial planner to help you choose the right service. No matter which one you choose, any financial plan should offer you both, long term as well as short term security. Creating and choosing a well devised financial plan is very important if you want to reap maximum benefits.

Functions and Features of Financial Planning:
From managing household expenses to creating savings account for retirement funds, financial services will make it easier for you or your business to maximize your cash flow and make wise investment decisions. A proper financial plan will help you assess and understand your financial status accurately, so that you can make informed decisions while allocating your financial assets. Financial planning is an ongoing process and hence you should always seek professional advice from a certified financial planner to help you plan a healthy financial future. A professional financial advisor will first create a financial analysis statement outlining all your assets and liabilities. He/she will also calculate your net worth. After reviewing your financial status, your planner will recommend the most suitable financial services.

Types of Financial Services and Products:

• Personal Tax Planning
• Corporate Tax Planning
• Budgeting
• Investment Leverage
• Estate Planning
• Individual Pension Plans
• Retirement Planning
• Education Savings Plans
• Mutual Funds
• Segregated Funds
• Life Insurance
• Tax Free Savings Accounts
• Annuities

Benefits of Financial Planning:

• Gives you control over your monthly budget.
• Helps you set well defined short term and long term financial goals.
• Helps you create reserves to handle accidents, medical expenses or theft.
• Reduces your financial liabilities.
• Offers new means to increase your earnings.
• Retirement planning will ensure a definite source of income after your retirement.
• You will have a well defined strategy in terms of allocation of expenses, investments and savings, and monetary resources.
• Monthly budgeting will help you define your short term income.
• You can verify your income and compare it against your monthly expenditure.
• Lessens your financial burden, especially when it comes to huge expenses.
• Provides ample investment opportunities.

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