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By: Bill "TheIlliniDude"
While most programs continue to falter in this recessed economy, 2x2 Prosperity Formula remains strong as an extraordinary stimulus plan. As many more people in today’s struggling economy are searching for a means to supplement or replace their income, the 2x2 Prosperity Formula has continually provided excitement and success for even the newbie marketer.

Money matrix programs are popping up all over the internet, but 2x2 Prosperity Formula stands out with over 20,000 members succeeding with the many benefits of this remarkable home-based business. By incorporating a basic 2x2 matrix to cycle at four different entry levels simultaneously, the 2x2 Prosperity Formula also allows its members a successful stimulus plan by providing ways to generate multiple streams of income.

Internet marketing success is largely determined by the amount of site traffic and the leads generated from that traffic. 2x2 Prosperity Formula actually includes quality leads with each money matrix entry level. These leads are automatically marketed to by the Prosperity Marketer, which is another key component included with the 2x2 Prosperity Formula system. While these leads are automatically contacted and introduced to the 2x2 Prosperity Formula, members are continually filling matrices and cycling.

2x2 Prosperity Formula members are paid each time they fill a 2x2 matrix and cycle. While being paid for cycling, individuals are also automatically re-entered into another money matrix. With the 2x2 Prosperity Formula, members also receive a new disbursement of quality leads free of charge. Two other major components of the 2x2 Prosperity Formula are the follow-me matrix set-up and the automatic spillover from sponsors. These benefits along with countless others make 2x2 Prosperity Formula the best solution for your economic stimulus plan.

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Check out internet marketer Bill “TheIlliniDude” and 2x2 Prosperity Formula for your source of residual cash flow as well as more internet marketing success tips.

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