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By: Quality stays
It is always a great pleasure to begin your day wearing a brand new shirt. This gives you a kind of positive energy throughout the day. In fact, if you put a collar stay on the shirt, then it adds a lot of confidence to your personality as well.

A collar stay is basically used in shirts collar for making it crisp and sharp. Whether it’s an expensive branded shirt or a cheap local shirt, a unique collar stay can solely make it look attractive and classic.

These collar stays are usually called by different names. For instance, in USA – it is referred as collar sticks; in UK it is referred as stiffeners. There are many other names also by which collar stay are referred like knuckles, tabs, and bones.

The sizes of collar stay normally vary from 1-3 cm and from 5-10 cm. They usually have a one end pointed and another one a little bit rounded. This shape help the collar stay to get fixed in the collar. These collar stays are readily available in many forms such as plastic collar stays, metallic collar stays or magnetic collar stays but the actual significance of every collar stay is to add crisp to your shirt’s collar.

Among the said patterns, the plastic collar stays are normally disposable, but if we talk about the metallic collar stays that are made up of silver or gold or any precious metal, then they are particularly designed to be kept for a longer time. This is what makes a metallic collar stay a perfect gift. Generally, engraved collar stays are preferred for gift purposes – as these engraved collar stays can have any motivational or personalized message or quote or any symbol engraved on it. This is the only aspect that makes it a unique gift.

So, if you are planning to purchase a collar stay, then you can purchase it from the local departmental stores, but normally these stores do not possess a range of metal collar stays as they are quite precious. So, if you are interested in metallic collar stays, then you should try some online stores. These stores offer the whole variety of collar stays and that too at quite nominal prices.

Author Bio:
Quality stays is one of the largest online collar stays retailers in the world. The company was started in 2008 in response to the growing demand for quality collar stays at reasonable prices. Very soon quality stays overtook the market due to their wide verity of plastic and metal collar stays. Quality stays offers plastic collar stays in a plastic bag to metal collar stays in a beautiful presentation gift box and everything in between at unbelievably low prices.

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