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By: Lucinda Bret
Every woman knows that it’s very important the way we look. But the most important is to feel good in your own body. Maybe some of us are not quite satisfied with our appearance. There are several tricks which can help to improve our self-esteem. The hairstyle is one of these tricks. The well-chosen hairstyle has the power of hiding some of your defects and enhance your natural beauty. Celebrities are popular for their good looking hairstyles, so let’s see which are the best in 2011!

One of the celebrities which have the best hair is Hale Berry. She looks younger, thanks to the haircut. It has some advantages, for example it’s hard to mess up, therefore it’s very easy to style. It’s perfect for those ladies who don’t have much time for styiling, but want a chic hairstyle. It fits all face shapes, but it can require some adjustments. The round faces need shorter sides and long faces require more bangs. The styling is very easy, you need styling wax or paste and distribute it through the ends.

Kim Kardashian has very pretty, long and healthy hair. The hairstyle is very glamorous, thanks to the discrete curls. I’m sure all the ladies would like to have such a pretty hair. The only disadvantage is that it requires money, time and many products, because it needs to be maintained. But thanks to it, every woman will admire your magnificent hair. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have long and full hair.

Dita von Teese’s hairstyle is very glamorous and retro too. This kind of hairstyle needs to suit your personality, because it’s not easy to wear it. It’s easy to style, once you figured it out how it’s done. It’s suitable for important events too, it’s very chic and retro. It can be adapted to any kind of face shapes, but it works best with oval faces. It’s needed medium to long hair.

Nicole Kidman is envied by many women for her stylish hair. In reality, this haircut doesn’t need much time for styling it, but the result is fantastic . It offers a clean look. The hairstyle is perfect for oval, heart and round face shapes. For creating the look, rich hair is needed. You will look youthful thanks to the hair color and length.

The hairstyles mentioned are only of the few of the trending ones in 2011. These stars are admired for their healthy, natural looking hair. You can ask the help of a stylist to achieve the desired look.

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