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By: Pingo Lao
You may or may not be aware of the term Mega upload. If you know then well and good, if not then read this article for a complete guide. Typically, a Mega upload is one that acts as a time saver while looking for files in the Megaupload. Hence, the Megaupload is considered the top file sharing website these days that comes loaded with the whole lot of exclusive files. You can easily share and upload all your personal files, Mp3, PDFs and many other crucial files on it. In this respect, you should also be aware of the Megaupload search engines.

It’s really a huge task to search for the file links in the Megaupload. However, using the top Megaupload search engines that are specially designed to search for files in the Megaupload can help you considerably at this point. You may call them the dedicated Megaupload search engines as well. The names you would get in this article are top dedicated search engines for the Megaupload.

Being the dedicated search engines for the Megaupload, they are expected to be updated regularly. In fact there are several Megaupload search engines available, but just a few of Megaupload search engines will update the database regularly by offering us the latest results each time you search for file links.

The 5 top Megaupload search engines are as follows:

File Crop:

One of the most advanced file searching tool, which has been specifically designed to upload files in Rapidshare, Megaupload and Hotfile. Hence, FileCrop is definitely one of the advanced Megaupload search engines of the recent time.


Some of you might be well aware of this file searching means. It’s a useful and effective file searcher. For many, FilesTube is the top file search engine that can also act as the Megaupload search engine for searching out the prescribed file links from the Megaupload.


The efficient and dependable Rapidshare and a Megaupload search engine that offers the up-to-dated database results is the Gappon. You can make use of Gappon to reach out the latest results.

Mega Download

The Mega Download is a dedicated Megaupload search engine and a Rapidshare that can even be used to search for the file links in both services and also offers accurate results.

Megaupload Search

This is another crucial file searching service available to users nowadays. Megaupload search engine has been capable to search for files from the different sites like Hotfile, Megaupload, Rapidshare and much more. is a largest Megaupload Search Engine, you can find more links of movies, music, games, e-book and software. For more information on Megaupload take a quick look at

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