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By: Jhon Napier
Acid reflex or GERD is the condition in which the liquid content in the esophagus refluxe back into the mouth. The acid reflux comes in contact with esophagus and it can release digestive enzymes which can cause burning sensation and irritation. Esophagus is made up of a muscular tube which has a sphincter, which closes the esophagus when one takes food to prevent acidic reflux.There are three problems related to the functioning of sphincter which can cause acid reflux: poorly developed muscular tone, type and quantity of liquid and the ability of the esophagus muscles to cleanse the bottom of the tube.

Some of the food products which should be avoided to prevent acid reflux are

Milk: Milk is assumed to ease acid in stomach and many physicians suggest taking cold milk to reduce acidic pain but the milk can cause the reflux after dinner as the fluid in the stomach rebounds and causes excess secretion of stomach acid.

Citrus fruits: Citrus juices such as grapefruits, tomato, pineapples, and oranges can aggravate production of acid in stomach.

Spices: Food containing a good amount of spices should be avoided as it aggravates acid in stomach.

Caffeinated drinks: Avoid coffee before sleep as it can cause acid reflux. Caffeinated drinks should also be avoided.

Dairy products: To reduce GERD one should not take much dairy products such as ice creams and cheese.

Alcohol and Beer: Avoid alcohol, beer or wine as it can secrete a good amount of acid in an hour.

Oils: Avoid excess of animal or vegetable oils. One can take oils in small quantities. Avoid chicken, milk or cream based soups and mint tea. Too much food should not be taken at one time and while on bed one should keep the head elevated to prevent reflux. There are many other risk factors such as

1. One should not take heavy meal just before going to bed.Do not lie down immediately after taking the meals.

2. Avoid wearing tight clothes and do not overeat.

3. Avoid tobacco and nicotine as it can reduce the strength of esophageal muscle.

4. Reduce intake of high fat food products such as the food found at food chains. Fried foods, oily snacks, chocolates should be avoided.

5. Obesity can also cause acid reflux and reduce weight if you are suffering from obesity.

What to eat to prevent acid reflux?

1. Small meals can be taken many times in the day and food products such as carbohydrates should be included in each meal as it secretes less acid. Food products such as breads, pasta and rice reduce acidic content and are easy on stomach.

2. To calm down the acid one can take apples, berries, melons, pears; peaches and bananas. Green leafy vegetables can reduce acid secretion.

3. Use extra pillow while sleeping to prevent acid reflux.

4. Skimmed milk and low fat milk or fat free yoghurt can be taken with meals. Low fat meat, fish and chicken can be taken but one should avoid sausages, fatty meat, chicken fat and bacon. De caffeinated drinks and non mint herbal tea can be taken.

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