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By: Jame Logan
Edie Campbell fashion jewellery styleListed in as the prime 300 trends of the year fashion jewellery is speedily becoming the credit crunch substitute for Tiffany’s Swarovski or BulgariSo it’s in particular stimulating to find in the detritus that happens to be the internet blogosphere definitely not a little site dedicated to this development but a pure treasure of a site. With a style of writing more similar to that of a senior Vogue journalist than a 20 year old girl, teenage entrepreneur Amber Atherton president of online jewellery company Myflashtrash is leading the way inside the new concept of Shop Blogging.Jewellery developers are flocking to be mentioned. Miss Atherton happens to be displaying the collections of various distinguished jewellery designers. Patricia Nicolas, whose range is currently displayed in the likes of Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, is one of these. MyFlashTrash features jewellery that is certainly stylish, one of a kind and instantaneously covetable. Keeping up to date with the very most current fashions, Miss Atherton’s trendy content articles connect current affairs and way news to unique jewellery items and collections translating the most popular looks from the runway to appropriately picked accessories. Together with each jewellery collection varying in cost and style you will find there's piece for each fashion conscious purchaser ranging from within 20 to 2000. The little collection of ‘underground’ jewellery designers and her own independently sourced items makes myflashtrash the only place to go for unique jewellery. Miss Atherton already features a clique following of such style icons as Alexa Chung, Edie Campbell and Sienna Miller to call drop a few. Not content with promoting up and coming prime designers, Miss Atherton and just brought in her own range in alliance with none other than Alexander Davis (Jewellery designer of the year).The show was held at the uber trendy Sketch and was attended by such luminaries as Mischa Barton, most of the cast of Made in Chelsea, trend icons and even royalty. So it seems all of us is sensing the crunch but style and street fashion will always overcome.prevail

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