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By: Jeff BensonII
The traditional fax machine has some severe limitations that make it less than ideal if you are a frequent faxer. Break free from your fax machine with an online fax service that opens up a whole new world to the frequent fax user.

Following are 5 benefits to using an Internet fax solution:

1. More money in your pocket - An online fax service can cost less than $8 a month, and this includes everything you need to send and receive faxes to anyone. Not only will you be eliminating the need for an expensive second phone line, but you no longer need to worry about throwing money at that ugly fax machine to maintain it.

2. Fax number included - You generally will have the choice of a local, or toll free number that is only yours to be used for incoming faxes. You can add additional fax numbers, if you need them, and you don't have to worry about adding phone lines as you add fax numbers.

3. Save the Earth - An Internet fax solution allows you to get rid of that power consuming fax machine. You will have the ability to not only create your faxes completely on your computer, but you can make changes to faxes you receive without needing to print them out. This results in decreased paper usage, which is a great thing.

4. Faxes received all over the world - With the ability to have incoming faxes be sent directly to your email inbox, you don't have to be tied to your office to receive important faxes. You can be half-way across the world and still operate as if you were at home, or in your office. You also have the option to check your faxes via the website of your service.

5. Always on fax service - Your Internet fax solution is always available to go to work from you and has the ability to receive multiple faxes at the same time. You no longer have to worry about fax busy signals as your virtual service is ready to handle your fax load.

An online fax solution is offering more and more people the type of fax service that makes sense for their situation. Not only are they saving money by taking their faxing online, but they gain incredible features, such as the ability to be anywhere in the world and still receive their faxes. Use the power of the Internet to increase the usefulness of your fax solution.

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