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Our test 'score' was 68.34% - and the success supplier scored 68.58%.

We were, naturally, bitterly disappointed, not small by the actual process (which included sending 4 printed copies - over 20 pages in each, a bizarre practice for a body so afraid with the depletion of our natural resources), the instance scales, the nature of the presentation, the 'scoring system' etc.

Would I be so upset had we won the contract? In all honesty - yes. I had already decided that I would voice my concerns following the tender, even had we been presented the project.

I hit since visited the test site, for different reasons: 1. out of curiosity, 2. to see if whatever of the designs we had submitted were utilised in whatever way, and 3. to see how the competition interpreted the brief, and utilised our initial branding.

The site is: Committee on Climate Change and here is a direct excerpt from the brief:

'The website should use the latest digital technologies to ensure that it is interactive, impulsive and accessible for all audiences. It needs to look fresh, spirited and creative.'

In no way am I here to determine another agency's work, in fact I'd welcome their feedback on the process. I meet hit to ask how power and service unvoluntary work crapper be judged on a scoring system such as Defra's.

Free pitching is, and ever module be a hot topic in the industry. Agencies module continue to do it, and clients module ever insist on it. It's a vicious circle. The difficulty is that because it is SO ingrained in our culture, clients are dumbfounded when you respond to do it. When large government agencies and global corporations insist on it, the idea trickles down through every level of business. We were recently approached by a prospective computer looking to set up a one-man-band estate agency. He insisted on liberated pitching. I explained we couldn't do that as it costs us instance and money, and would not intend the best out of our studio. To elaborate the point in his own sector, I asked him if he would ask 3 builders to build 3 different houses, and at the modify of the process opt one, change it around a taste and tell the other two they could meet knock theirs down. His reply? "Let's meet say I hit not seen whatever buildings that you or the other agencies hit built which amaze me." Incredible - I would hit to ask why you would approach an authority whose 'houses' you didn't like in the prototypal place!

My point here is that it is inherent in every level of business we encounter. Is it possible to stop it? I don't think so. But maybe we're meet not shouting loudly enough about it. Maybe we could take a stand as an industry. The incoming instance you're in a 5-way pitch, essay to find out who else is involved, perhaps the 5 agencies agree on submitting nothing but authority credentials and past case studies. The issue module ever be that in a combative industry such as ours, you're ever looking for an edge, and if that means submitting ideas when no-one else will, then it's fateful this module continue.

Perhaps we crapper make whatever effort though, and so I'm swing the case forward for a No Free Pitching Month. Every authority across the land should stand, shoulder to shoulder and respond (for a month at least) to do whatever liberated pitches. Would it work? I don't know. But it's worth a try! If we crapper educate our clients, even a small degree, about the negative aspects of the practice, then we module hit done whatever good.

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