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By: Roberta Goodwin
As you may already know, İddaa is the official sports betting body in Turkey. Since the introduction of the services of İddaa, a growing number of bettors are getting interested in sportsbook opportunities. While at first İddaa was only offered by local betting shops to where one had to travel to enjoy sports betting possibilities; with the advent of internet İddaa reached a broader audience via online franchises. This evolution of İddaa and the introduction of online sportsbook websites made sports betting an easier and a more enjoyable practice.

A great number of Turkish punters enjoy the services offered by İddaa; but, at the same time, the popularity of İddaa is challenged by the sudden influx of foreign sportsbook companies. Some bettors are not happy with the odds and services of İddaa and claim that the foreign operators offer the best opportunities. Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. So, let’s delve into the issue of advantages and disadvantages of İddaa:

First of all, since it is official, members of İddaa have no fear of having problems with legal or financial authorities. However, those who opted for the foreign sportsbook companies always have the probability of encountering some problems, especially when depositing and withdrawing money. It’s a well known fact in Turkey that some of the banks and credit card companies are blocking the financial transactions towards foreign sportsbook operators.

However, as far as payment methods are concerned, you will easily find out that foreign sports betting companies have a multitude of payment methods accepted, while İddaa works only with cash (in betting shops) or online banking (online franchises). That’s to say, even if the financial establishments are blocking your transactions, it is likely that you will always have an alternative, including the safest payment methods like electronic wallets and prepaid cards.

One of the biggest advantages of foreign operators, when compared to İddaa, is that the punters have the opportunity to enjoy live betting opportunities. Live betting gives players to take advantage of the possibilities unveiled during the soccer (or basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc..) match and therefore is one of the most popular aspects of world of sports betting. İddaa simply doesn’t offer such kind of services to its members. And again, members of foreign sportsbook companies enjoy much higher odds than those of İddaa!

By the way, there are many websites gives to those bettors İddaa predictions. To get the best İddaa sports betting predictions visit , you will find daily based sports betting predictions for İddaa.

To summarize, the services of İddaa -the official sports betting establishment in Turkey- has many down sides when compared to those of foreign companies. That’s why it’s likely that the foreign sportsbook companies will be the number one choice of Turkish bettors for years to come. provides useful info about İddaa sports betting for Turkish bettors. You can find sports betting predictions from betsiddaa's professional team for iddaa games.

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