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Brand History
In the year of 1884, Leon Breitling founded Breitling in Swiss. In 1952, Breitling issued a style of famous Navitimer, which can be used for navigational matters, correcting flight plan, calculating speed and counting oil consumption besides timing function.
Products Introduction
There are some characteristics which have made Breitling unique in seas of watches, such as high craftsmanship, accurate timing, superb function and so on. Theme products of Breitling are as follows: Navitimer, Aeromarine, Professional and Windrider wrist watches for men and women. These products taking both functionality and practicality are sold in franchised shops anywhere in the world, which are suitable for all walls of customers.
This year, Breitling still issued some new products, such as Cockpit Lady, Emergency and Chronomat Evolution. Breitling watches can be used for professional work in deep sea since they can resist pressure of deep sea. Furthermore, Breitling watches can also have function of emergent rescue, which can help savers ascertain position of objects.
No.1 Cockpit Lady
We take Cockpit Lady of for example. This style of Breitling women watches use gentle and light design for watch body, adopts automatic movement with high quality, furnished with titanized steel watch band, and the watch cover uses sapphire mirror. Thus the whole design is quite attracting among women especially among young females.

No.2 Navitimer
Navitimer watch adopts three-dimensional nickel timing scale of numbers; the nickel watch pointer in shape of sword can offer us readability and brilliance. And also this watch has function of date display and sports timing stop-watches for 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 1 hour.

No.3 Avenger Seawolf Chrono Blacksteel
Black is everlasting color for deep sea, after handling of nitrating, the steel watch case of this style of watch is quite rigid. And this watch has unique outlook, professional function, and powerful shocking, which can make it the first choice for diving. However, the biggest highlight of this watch lies in the interior of this watch, magnetic button system, which a exclusive patent of Breitling, which can drive the control system outside watch case. For this highlight, this watch can be used in deep sea freely.
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