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By: Emil Kadlec
After the first wave of fantasy football cheat sheet rankings were set in stone, it didn't take long for things to start changing. And that change came when Kenny Britt got arrested again!

Yes, Mr. Britt, just off a court appearance, was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and a few other details such as damaging evidence or something like that. Don't take me wrong I don't mean to be flippant just a little frustrated with such a talented fantasy football player it is hard to watch them put themselves and their career at risk. Not to mention negatively affecting their teammates and their franchise which pays him a lot of money.

Personally I had placed Kenny Britt at the bottom of my top 10 wide receivers. I truly believe his upside is huge, however limited by the inexperienced quarterback for the Titans. This recent brush with the law could land Britt a game suspension anywhere from one to four weeks. This is a guess so don't think this is a sure thing, but when you are evaluating your fantasy football cheat sheet rankings it is important to take this potential suspension seriously.

This recent brush with the law has caused me to lower Britt significantly. I now have him in the low 20s to low 30s of my wide receiver rankings. A careful watch of the fantasy news at Football diehards over the next few weeks hopefully will give us a better understanding of whether Britt will potentially lose games in 2011.

Even if Britt escapes this latest issue, fantasy football manager skill must recognize that he could easily make another mistake not far down the road. Hence there is additional risk to selecting Britt in your fantasy draft in the first three rounds. So keep a close eye on football diehard’s fantasy football cheat sheet rankings as we will be adjusting his position as information comes out.

Emil Kadlec is an expert and with a keen interest in Fantasy Football. Visit his site to get more about Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Rankings as well as Fantasy Football Rankings.

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