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By: NancyMcclure
Today’s over 55 crowd is made up mostly of “baby boomers.” These were the people who were born during the years 1946 to 1955 and are just about ready to call it a career. The difference between these guys and their parents is the kind of lifestyle they now lead. They are not your usual grandfather or grandmother who sits and waits in typical retirement communities in NY. Unlike their forebears, boomers have access to better healthcare and technology, which has resulted in many of them still choosing to hold off on actual retirement.

If they do choose to go into some kind of semi-retired state, they sell off their big homes as soon as the nest has emptied and go into active adult communities. New York is one state where you can find places like these that offer the over 55 crowd living arrangements coupled with recreational activities that allow them to remain fit and healthy. For example, golf is one pastime that involves a lot of walking that today’s seniors thoroughly enjoy. Other activities include boating, racquetball, lawn bowling, and shuffleboard. Before you begin searching for one, keep these important tips in mind.

One important tip to remember when choosing a place to retire to is the location. Most people who retire want a location that is close by to family and friends. Others choose to be in places far removed from where they used to live. These are usually retirement places situated in warmer climates. Once you know what you want, go online and seek out the community that best fits your needs. There are many types of communities out there, with some catering to those with a specific interest such as golfing or boating.

The second tip to bear in mind is how close is the retirement community to a hospital? While there are some retirement communities in NY that come with their own in-house clinic and private staff, you will still want to be sure that there is a good hospital located close by. This is important because the older you get, the more doctors you will have to consult with on a regular basis. Ensuring that the retirement community you choose is situated near a medical facility is important for your convenience.

Finally, the most important tip is to know how much it is going to cost you. Different active adult communities have their own unique rent/ownership plans. Some of these places sell units and charge a yearly fee in order for you to be a part of the community. Others will rent out the individual units in the complex. Remember, it’s important that you have your finances figured out before moving into one. This will determine whether you choose to buy or rent out your own retirement unit.

Living out the rest of your days in peace and comfort is easy when you choose a community with these tips in mind.

Nancy is a retired firefighter living in one of the adult communities New York has to offer, and is thoroughly enjoying his stay, as the retirement communities NY provides also has the amenities and facilities to keep him happy and active. Visit for more information

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