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Author: John Dugan
Mention premature ejaculation in a group of guys and someone is almost bound to jokingly claim that he has just the opposite penis health problem. In fact, delayed ejaculation (sometimes called retarded ejaculation or prolonged ejaculation or impaired ejaculation) can be a very legitimate penis function problem – and one that can be frustrating both to those who suffer from it and their sexual partners.

What it is

Just as premature ejaculation involves a man who ejaculates much earlier than he would like, delayed ejaculation keeps a man from ejaculating. Although there is no one clear definition, it is generally accepted that if a man wishes to ejaculate but requires more than 30 minutes to achieve that goal, he is said to be experiencing delayed ejaculation. (It’s important to note that the man in question desires to ejaculate. A man who engages in sexual activity for longer than 30 minutes but then ejaculates when he is ready is controlling his ejaculation, and so his situation would not be considered delayed ejaculation.) In some cases, a man may “give up” before he reaches ejaculation at all.

It’s not unusual for a man to experience an occasional episode of delayed ejaculation; it is only when the situation is consistent or persistent that it is considered a penis function issue.


What causes delayed ejaculation? There can be many causes. For example, sometimes it may be psychological and comes about due to depression, anxiety about performance, unexpressed emotions, etc. Some medications, such as certain antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, anti-seizure treatments, or alcohol, might cause delayed ejaculation in some men. There can also be physical issues, such as pelvic injury, thyroid or testosterone decrease, urinary tract infections, or nerve damage. In some cases, rough handling of the penis may result in diminished sensation, which can be a factor.


Treating delayed ejaculation depends on pinpointing the cause or causes which have brought it about. If the underlying cause is psychological, seeking help from a mental health professional is advised. If medications are responsible, consulting with a doctor about possible alternatives can be helpful.

When the cause is physical, the specific physical cause will determine treatment. For example, low thyroid or testosterone levels may require hormone treatment. Medicine can help banish a urinary tract infection. And there are some medications which have been used to help fight delayed ejaculation.

In some cases, it may be suggested that a man explore stimulating other erogenous zones., for example, the nipples can provide sensual stimulation. Prostate massage often results in enhanced ejaculation for many men.

Sometimes a man is asked to try to “retrain” his penis. If he typically masturbates in one certain way or on one certain area of the penis, he may be encouraged to switch things up: use his left hand instead of his right, apply different levels of pressure, concentrate on the shaft instead of the glans (or vice versa). This can often help a man to experience ejaculation on a more typical schedule.

Men whose penis function is impaired by delayed ejaculation are well advised to incorporate a first class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil (, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) into their daily penis care regimen. A healthy penis is more likely to respond to proper stimulation. Choosing a crème with L-carnitine can be especially valuable. L-carnitine is an amino acid with neuroprotective properties that helps protect the penis from loss of sensation. The crème should ideally also include L-arginine. Another amino acid, L-arginine helps boost nitric oxide production; this in turn enables penile blood vessels to more fully expand when extra blood is needed for the erectile process.

Visit for additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy penis. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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