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By: Shalini
Sciatica treatment is generally required for a condition called sciatica. Sciatica is a condition which is caused due to problems in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a nerve which encompasses the lower back region of our body and from there extends to each foot. In case of sciatica, a pain happens over this area of the body. There is sever pain in the lower back region, and oftentimes in the hip region. The affected person can also feel a tingling or burning feeling over their legs.

It makes it difficult for the affected person to stand up, or move their legs properly. There are lot of different types of sciatica treatments which a person can opt for ranging from surgery, medicine to non-surgical options. Home remedies for knee pain is one of the most sought-after treatment options among these. 6 home remedies for sciatica treatment are,

1. Hot and Cold Packs: One of the simplest home remedies for sciatica treatment is hot and cold packs. Severe temperature help to ease our nerves, and thus ease the pain that is caused because of sciatica. Furthermore, if you apply these hot and cold packs in a certain order and do it in regular intervals, you can actually solve your sciatica. For the starting days, you are supposed to put only cold packs. After you get used to this, it is advised to change to both hot and cold packs. It is recommended that you repeat this process several times in a single day for the most effective results.

2. Bed Rest: Another non-surgical way of dealing with sciatica pain is through complete bed rest. Completely resting your nerves helps them recover from any exertion that they might have gone through. For this remedy to be effective, you have to ensure that you are taking your bed rest in a mattress which is firm in nature. Continuing this rest for at least a period of three days helps recover your nerves completely.

3. Yoga: One of the many effective home remedies for sciatica is yoga. It has been around for many years, and is generally known as one of the most effective solutions to nerve problems and any pain which is caused due to them. For sciatica, you are supposed to concentrate on yoga poses which concentrate on your lower back and leg region. Doing it regularly helps ease your nerves, and also helps them become healthier.

4. Massage: A massage therapy is a very effective home remedy for sciatica. It helps ease the nerves and also works towards easing the muscles of your lower back and leg region. Many athletes opt for massage treatments when they suffer from pain like this.

5. Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a process where thin needles are inserted strategically into various pain points of your body. According to medical professionals, this release certain kinds of endorphins in the body, which in turn help ease the pain. Even though it is a new treatment procedure for us, it has been around for many years in South East Asian countries, and has proved to be very effective.

6. Physical Therapy: Getting proper physical therapy from a trained professional at home is also a very effective remedy for sciatica. This helps to solve the problem from its very core, and provides long-lasting effects. Getting CBC blood test done, and getting physical therapy is a very effective way of dealing with sciatica.

Thus, these are some of the very effective treatments of sciatica. They not only help to ease the pain, but also ease the nerve for a long time.

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