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By: photototext
Each and every milestone that your little one accomplishes is a cause for celebration and preservation. However, a first birthday is the biggest and most amazing milestone. Your child may be starting to walk and toddle about, exploring his or her world. Every day, they are laughing, growing and learning. How did 365 days pass by so quickly? Think about it. Look and see how much have they grown this past year, and how many milestones have passed? This occasion is one to commemorate! A fantastic way to do that is to create a picture made of words. A Photo Made of Words: Capturing the Major Milestones of Your Child Especially the First Birthday

In fact, it is so easy that you can do it right on our website. Simply choose a picture and the words and we at Photo-To-Text will create your child’s first birthday into a meaningful picture made of words. Choosing this type of idea to document your little one’s special first birthday is a unique idea!

Literally, there are countless combinations you can choose when picking out how you want your finished print to look. How about a picture of baby smashing his or her birthday cake? Those types of pictures are loveable and an amazing memory to capture. You can insert baby’s name, theme of the party, and list all party guests into the photo made of words.

How about capturing your baby wearing his or her special birthday outfit? Then for the words, do a description of the chosen outfit, and account of all the baby’s milestones for the past year. You could include the dates he or she first smiled, first crawled and first walked. Surely any memory that you wish to include is a wonderful idea. The point of these canvases is all about personalizing the artwork to reflect your personal preferences! That is what makes them one of a kind.

So, is this your first child? How about a family picture of you and the baby? Or the baby walking between you and your spouse? Any of these would be cute ideas, and you can easily come up with words for them. You can include the names of the three of you and your birthdates, or perhaps, unique and special memories that you have shared as a family during the first year.

Do you have more than one child? If so, do a family portrait, where the special birthday child stands out. Ask the other children what their sibling means to them and use this for your words. That is a great idea no matter which picture you use.

For the new year coming up in baby’s life, don’t miss a moment. Pick a day every month and make it your photo day. Take a snapshot of your baby. Every month pose your little one with the same stuffed and animal and have them in the same chair. By the time his or her 2nd birthday comes, you will have one full year of growth milestones. What a unique, and personalized gift that would be for mommy’s desk or for the fireplace. For this picture made of words, try to jot down one memory from the photo session each month.

Of course, don’t forget about the grandparents. You may wish to consider giving a gift to the grandparents with a birthday picture! We know that Grandparents absolutely love pictures of their grandkids. For words, you can choose to write about a special time that baby and Grandma and Grandpa spent together. Imagine the look on their faces when they receive such a unique, personalized gift.

Lastly, don’t forget to include man’s best friend on your little one’s momentous day. Pose the two pals together, but not too close to the cake! Don’t forget to dress up your furry little friend for his or her photo op. For your words, write down Fido’s reaction to bringing home your little bundle of joy for the first time. Was there jealously, or curiosity at first that later grew in to a budding friendship? What a beautiful moment to capture that you truly would want to look back on over the years!

There really are so many fantastic pictures that you can take of the special birthday girl or boy. Have them posed by a giant, stuffed number 1! Perhaps, you can get a number 1 balloon and have them holding it. Again, you can get a special outfit they can wear! How about a cute hat or tiara? Without doubt, there is the cake picture which never fails to bring joy to all. Another idea is having the boy or girl photographed next all their first birthday gifts, and we all know that they will receive many! Either way, you really cannot go wrong! Whatever you choose will be perfect for you and your loved ones.

Needing help with coming up with the masterpiece? Let us here at Photo-to-text help customize your photo made of words, so that you are completely satisfied. Having the ability to personalize your print exactly how you want it means that you know, without a doubt, you will be happy when the finished product arrives.

You can also choose just to buy the .jpg file. Do you want to share your creation? We can help you share it with your friends and family on both Facebook and Twitter! Ask us how.

So, get creative and make your one of a kind photo made of words now!

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