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By: Melinda J. Donnell
If you are tired of girls who done fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tits, fake teeth, and a nose job, you must meet Lebanese beauties. They are all-natural and they still look like models.
Her sense of style will delight you every time you go out together. Doesn’t matter if these are casual clothes or an evening dress, she’ll look like a millionaire’s wife, without big expenses or efforts. It surely flatters you and adds a lot to your social status. Except the cases when she wears something super-short and small – ironically, it happens in this country full of contrasts.

Her personality isn’t submissive like it could be in most of Arabic countries, and you shall be prepared to that. Quite the opposite, she is strong-willed and confident, so being her partner is a serious exam for maturity and compromising. She is going to respect you as a leader but her opinion also matters a lot. In other words, a king should always ask for his queen’s advice.

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She’s an opposite to the Barbie or Bambi type. She is very smart and hopes that you notice that. If you are able to appreciate her brain, you are getting all the rest too.

It goes without saying that Lebanese women are too traditional and family-oriented for a short fling or one-night-stand. But if you treat them with respect and show a serious attitude, you can succeed even without giving big promises. The very first thing that you have to do is escaping from a friend zone. Be insisting and very direct, but in a gallant way. That’s normal for Lebanon and you don’t want to be left behind the local men just because you’re a foreigner.

You definitely want to be with such a woman as she’s not a beggar or a scammer and will often insist on splitting the bill just like women from more independent and prosperous countries. She doesn’t live in poverty, by the way – the night life in Lebanon is extremely luxurious. However, she expects you to be kind and fair in different situations too, and if it’s not the case, you are going to deal with her male relatives. Yep, - Lebanese people are very protective towards each other.

On a good note, if you’re kind and fair with her, you will be showered with their love, gifts, and all possible support in different areas. She’ll do the same. That’s easy. Don’t be a too obvious playboy and your life will be a paradise.

If you think dating a Lebanese woman is too much responsibility, think about her loyalty and devotion – it leaves no space for another man. If you’re a jealous type, it matters a lot to you. In fact, she gives much more than she demands back, so it’s a good deal. Just make sure she isn’t too glamorous and doesn’t travel too often. It can mean that she’s a professional and you will not be her only lover.

Since you will be mostly hunting in Beirut, you have to know it’s not such a big city and the rumor is everywhere. If you don’t want your girl to “lose her face”, don’t show much affection or intimacy on a public and take a separate taxi. Yes, it isn’t a joke. Her friends are her “best enemies” at the same time and you shouldn’t be demonstrative about your intimacy.

Local men aren’t jealous or territorial but they feel it’s their duty to “protect” a girl from your courtship, especially if she’s young. They won’t hurt you but they will slightly press the two of you, breaking the romantic atmosphere. So it’s better if you avoid the crowd in your night game.

Very religious and unavailable girls do exist in Lebanon. You cannot bet that you’ll get laid with any local girl. Some of them totally refuse the idea of getting closer. Her environment is even more protective than usually. So it makes sense to ask a girl about her religious beliefs and principles. Other than that, Lebanese girls are gorgeous and fun to be with. They are educated, amusing, fancy, feminine, and moderately open-minded about sex so you won’t waste your time for nothing.

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