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By: Alan Dar
When it comes to fishing, most of the anglers prefer the White River. Considered to be one of the most beautiful of all rural sports, trout fishing in Arkansas is as old as time itself. Today, I am breaking down the reasons why the White River is the ideal place to be if you're a fly fishing enthusiast:

The White River is one of the rarest places on Earth that is great for fishing all year with 4 distinct seasons and equally picturesque spring and fall surroundings. And, that's not all, if you've been waiting to catch your own brown trout trophy then the winter months are best for the same.

Considered as the best Brown Trout Fishery in the United States, the White River is known for its world record browns over the years and has consistently produced more double digit fish than anywhere else in the world. Adding to the same, all the 4 species of trout are found in the White River and the nearby Norfork River, making it the busiest fishing place in the United States.

The White River is also the closest to people than fisheries in the mountain areas and isn't remote. Accessible by the boat and waded with the low water, there are no 'private' stretches owned by individuals. Though it is priced below than most trout fisheries in the United States, there are several lodges to meet the budget. There are several guides on the white and the majority are full-timers and not "summer help".

Stocked with 1.5 million trout a year at an average size of 14 inches, the river is full of fish around the year with an average catch rate around 20 fishes per day per person. It also depends on the angler’s skill rate and requirement.

The winters are for the huge fish! An average brown trout is around 16 to 17-inch fish that are 95% wild spawned. Virtually all the rainbows are stocked as they don't spawn well in the river and in contrast, are very successful and grow very well. The current regulation on the size is one fish above 24 inches a day.

And if you’re already planning your next trip to the White River and making your first big catch, you can always book an angler from the White River Fishing Guides and get all the additional gear, rods, reels, bait and tackle all for no additional charges.

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