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By: Summerside Vet Hospital
Many pet owners are opting for spaying and neutering as it helps the dogs and cats to live healthier and longer lives. The spaying is a surgery of female pets in which the ovaries and uterus are removed. While neutering is related to male pets in which the testicles are removed. Since pets become able to reproduce within the 6 months of their age, so one is recommended to consult for the surgery between the 3-4 months of their age.

Often the homeowners scare for having spaying and neutering surgery of their pets. Because, they have some misconceptions about this surgery. Read the following information for better knowledge.

Painful Surgery

When the surgery is conducted, you pets remain fully anesthetized so that they can't feel any pain. You can stay worried free as the surgery does not deliver any pain or harm to your pets.

Fatty And Lazy Pet

Pet owner complaints that their pets are becoming fatty and lazy. It happens when you don't provide enough exercise for your pets and feed them too much. However, this surgery reduces the metabolism, so, you need to give proper calorie intake to your pets for the initial 6 months.

Pet Becomes Less Protective

Surgery does not affect your dog's natural instinct to protect your home and family. A personality of your pet is formed more with the genetics and environment rather than hormones.

Pets Feel Distinct Than Others

Neutering is not meant for changing your pet's personality. The surgery will not hurt your dog's any emotional reaction or identity crisis.

Expensive Surgery

When it comes to the cost of surgery, it varies depending on the sex, age and size of your pets. But, your one-time surgery can provide you relief from the other health issue to your pets.

To consult for your dog issues approach professionals at Animal Hospital Edmonton. Our professional veterinarians assist you better for your pet's health care.

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