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By: johnwise74
Hollywood, home to the movie stars, has one of highest concentrations of medical marijuana users in California. The state of California is the most proactive state in the union when it comes to being progressive about their medical marijuana program (MMP).
When medical marijuana laws were first enacted – back when the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 was passed – many cities in California soon started passing their own laws, restrictions and ordinances regarding the usage and distribution of medical marijuana, namely pertaining to its regulation. Hollywood is no different, and in order to qualify for the California medical marijuana program, you must first be seen by Hollywood Marijuana Doctors  and recommended for the program.
Since this industry is very strictly regulated, there are some things that you should keep in mind when seeking Marijuana Doctors in Hollywood. Tragically, this industry is also filled with con artists or doctors that may not follow the rules and laws properly. This could result in you being subjected to criminal penalties if you don’t get your marijuana evaluation done by a reputed doctor. Here are some things to keep on your checklist so you know that a doctor is on the up and up and that you are following the laws.
Hollywood Marijuana Doctors – 10 Things You Need to Know
1. All doctors have to be licensed by the state and in good standing and free from any pending litigation, legal matters or criminal charges.
2. A doctor has to establish a bona fide doctor-to-patient relationship with you, and conduct a full review of your past and current medical history.
3. The doctor that you see can be the ONLY one that signs off on your marijuana evaluation, not an assistant or a nurse, but your doctor.
4. Doctors are required to administer patient rights pamphlets after recommending you for a medical marijuana program, and they have to answer any questions that you may have.
5. An out of state doctor can’t approve you, it has to be a verified Hollywood Marijuana Doctors.
6. Doctors are prohibited from referring you to or recommending different medical marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood; to do so is unethical and illegal.
7. A doctor cannot legally write you a prescription for medical marijuana. They can only write you a recommendation.
8. Hollywood Marijuana Doctors do not issue you the marijuana card; the state health department does after they review your application, process your fees and approve you for a card.
9. A recommendation cannot be valid for longer than a year, per California law.

10. Hollywood Marijuana Doctors should suggest other prescription drugs first that may be suitable and use medical marijuana as a last resort, only after you have tried or have been advised to try conventional medicines.

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