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Author: Cameron Melvin
The procedure of zinc electroplating involves electrolytic base application of zinc to objects by dipping metal parts into a solution containing zinc salt and applying electric change. Subsequent to cleaning, alkaline pickling, and removal of surface remains, the parts are immersed into the plating solution to begin electro deposition procedure. Barrel plating and rack plating are also highly popular as brilliant plating solution. Depending on the need, various brightening agents and solutions are also applied to get luster, color, and aesthetic of the products.

Popular Zinc Plating Types

Followed by varied formulae, zinc electroplating process helps get colored zinc plating that boast dissimilar corrosion protective level and are used in different applications:

 Yellow Zinc: Yellow zinc coated elements are extensively employed in automotive industry. It includes an average scale of anti-corrosion property.

 Black Zinc: Black zinc coated components can be viewed in pure-black and olive color. With a higher corrosion resistive ability they are broadly used in structural designs, hardware industry and others.

 Blue or Clear Zinc: Being highly environmentally friendly, with minimum corrosion protection capacity, blue or clear shiny zinc is a popular choice for indoor decorative and furnishing products.

 Acid Zinc: Acid zinc is a distinct category is plating type, which doesn’t need cyanide plating bath, highly enduring to all environmental exposures and ideal for using on hard-to-plating material surfaces.

The Key Benefits of Zinc Electroplating


Depending on the types of zinc plating with color variety and plating blend like zinc-alloy, zinc-nickel, zinc iron, tin-zinc, it can protect objects from oxidation, rusting and deterioration.

Superior Finish

When it comes to aesthetics, the appearance of the product substrates often counts greatly to attract potential customers. Zinc electroplating is an ideal choice when you look for bright shiny product finishes comparable to chromium.

Surface Appearance

With across-the-board color possibility, zinc plating enhances flexibility to choose the most ideal color that your market demands. Another advantage of zinc electroplating is, it can produce a vast range of finishing textures such as smooth to uneven as well as super sparkling substrates.

Ease Application

Zinc electroplating is an uncompleted procedure and process results leads to effective deposit on metal objects without harming them. From pre-treatment process to bath plating and baking of the coatings are peaceful and relaxing.

Plating Options

Zinc can be effectively coated through rack, barrel plating processes aside from electro-deposition. The range of choices opens the way to plating service providers to carry out plating for high volume parts of various shorts and sizes of materials and supply in sort time of period.

Fantastic Undercoat

With high bonding capacity, zinc electroplating can yield amazing result, when it is used as undercoat for applications that involve painting. When undercoated, they still hold their corrosion resistance property intact and protect the substances.

Low Cost Plating

Zinc is available in abundance that makes it affordable plating option opposed to its counterparts. If you are in quest of economical plating, always go for zinc electroplating.

Eco Friendly

Zinc contains to no toxic elements that can produce adverse affects on human health or environment. The biodegradable property makes it globally accepted as a consistent plating option for range of industrial applications. is one of the leading metal finishing companies offering services including type I, II & III anodizing, CARC painting, passivation, Swiss machining, cadmium plating, copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, zinc electroplating ( ), etc. To know more, visit

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