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By: Ean Morgan
Computers are like parts of vehicles; they need continuous maintenance and proper care to operate smoothly. With each day passing we find our PC becoming slow to slower. But don’t give up. You don’t need to replace your old buddy with a new one. Just follow our steps and restore your PC to its previous form. Or you may take help from PC Support service provider.

1. Organizing your documents will be the first step towards speeding up your computer. Don’t put too many things in your desktop. Keep minimal docs in the ‘C’ drive. Let it be dedicatedly for the ‘hidden files’.

2. Disk clean up will be your next initiative to achieve high speed of computer. The Disk Cleanup tool allows you to free up space on your hard disk. The tool identifies files that can be safely deleted and inform you about them. By removing files such as temporary internet files, Windows temporary files, unused restore points and shadow copies, emptying the Recycle Bin you can improve the performance of your computer.

3. You should run the Disk Defragmenter at a regular interval and in some situations when you add a large number of files or your free disk space shows totals 15% or less, or you install a new program or new version of Windows operating system.

4. Your PC might become sluggish due to overflow of documents in short space of memory. To operate effectively your PC need to be upgraded with few more GB. 1 GB of RAM is recommended if you have 512 MB RAM and in case your PC has 1 GB RAM go for 2 GB.

5. There may be unnecessary programs in your PC. Uninstalling those programs will recover space and speed things up. You can remove programs by following the step.
Start - Control Panel-Add or Remove Programs.

6. When your PC suddenly slows down, a Malware attack can be suspected. Malware also includes adware and spyware. Adware Removal will help you fight adware. To delete Malware:

a) create a restore point; (b) turn off System Restore; (c) run at least two removal programs; (d) run the removal programs while in Safe Mode; (e) turn on System Restore.

7. Reducing the browser file space can give you better PC performance. Delete the cache files. It will make your browser run faster and recover lost space. Go to Internet Explorer (or any other browser you are using) - Tools-Internet Options-General Tab- Settings. Reduce the amount of history you retain, enter zero in case you are not using browser history.

8. Have a look at your Security Suit Software. Make it disable or uninstall it if you think it’s creating hindrance for the improve speed of your PC. A good anti-virus and a separate anti-spyware program may help you in this respect.

9. Go for scanning your hard drives. This can resolve the issues such as disk management or file location errors. The scan process includes: My Computer - C Drive Properties - Tools - Check Now - check to "automatically fix..." and to "scan for...", then Start. This will require you to restart your PC.

10. If all the previous mentioned remedies don’t work for your PC and it still isn’t as fast as you desire it to be, you can consider updating your operating system to Windows 7. You can consider Windows 7 Upgrade guide.

There are more ways to invoke a high speed for your PC. Several remote tech support providers may help you in this regard. For computer repair in Australia, feel free to contact them. Find out more information visit: -

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