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By: Relaxing Benefits
Men and women today lead busier lives than ever. In addition to a mountain of tasks, our smartphones and emails make us easily reachable twenty-four hours of the day. That constant demand on your time and attention can make it difficult to unplug and recharge. In our daily activities, we take care of family, friends, and colleagues, which can easily lead to neglecting ourselves. Self-care, though, is necessary and important because we can’t take care of anyone else if we aren’t experiencing wellness of our own. One of the simplest ways of relaxing and rejuvenating is through therapeutic massage.

Massage is a method of touch therapy that manipulates your skin and muscles. Depending on the type of massage you choose, the touch you experience can range from light stroking to deep tissue manipulation. The different types of massages we offer at Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage include:

• Swedish Massage

• Deep Tissue Massage

• Trigger Point Massage

• Shiatsu Massage

• Hot Stone Massage

The following five benefits of indulging in massage therapy will help you understand why it can be a powerful tool that helps you take charge of your mental, physical, and emotional health.

• Stress Relief
Today’s stressful lifestyles benefits from the calm, soothing, atmosphere of the massage room. Stress can lead to lack of sleep, lack of focus, and lack of productivity. In addition to soothing your body, massage reduces tension and may even help lower blood pressure so you can return to your day-to-day life with a tension-free state of mind.

• Improved Sleep
Because of its ability to relieve stress and promote a relaxing mindset, massage therapy can promote more regular and restful sleep. Regular sessions can also help you adhere to a regular sleep pattern, which leads to more productive days.

• Injury Recovery
Sports and other types of injuries respond positively to deep tissue massaging. It can be a low-impact way to revive your muscles and tendons after a fall or injury. It helps increase blood flow, oxygen flow, and whole-body circulation.

• Headache Relief
By improving blood flow and relieving tension, massage helps alleviate the frequency and severity of headaches. It’s a chemical-free way to experience pain relief, ease muscle tension, and relieve muscle spasms.

• Lower Back Pain Relief
Our lifestyles have become more and more sedentary as computers, mobile devices, and big screen televisions became the norm. This sedentary lifestyle often means a surge in lower back pain. Therapeutic massage decreases lower back pain and helps increase your flexibility and range of motion.

All the benefits listed above are forms of self-care. Self-care promotes improved immunity, increases cognitive function, and promotes a healthy self-image and lifestyle. More importantly, treating yourself like you matter teaches others to treat you like you matter. Remember, it’s important that you meet your own needs before you attempt to meet the needs of others.

At Buddha Bliss Therapeutic Massage, our team of a experienced therapists have the training and expertise that help you create a beneficial connection between your body, mind, and spirit. Our goal is to deliver the self-care and pampering you need in order to create the peace of mind you deserve.

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