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Author: Kenny
A busy entrepreneur may not even realize that holidays actually existed in the calendar. But that doesn’t mean you should drop your entrepreneurial acquaintance out of the shopping list when you’re preparing your gifts. If you’re still wondering what are the best gifts for an entrepreneur you could get, here’s a useful list for you.

Best Gifts For Learning
Entrepreneurs are always thirsty for knowledge to help them grow as an individual in various aspects. These gifts are ideal for entrepreneurs who are always keen to learn.

1. The Entrepreneur Mind
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - The Entrepreneur Mind
The Entrepreneur Mind

This is a great book for entrepreneurs to read during the holidays as it demonstrates how elite entrepreneurs actually think and act to achieve massive success. The book dives into the emotion of an entrepreneur and offers sound advice in key areas of a business.

2. The Essential Guide To Entrepreneurship
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - The Essential Guide To Entrepreneurship
The Essential Guide To Entrepreneurship @ Udemy

Get this great course from Udemy and send it as a gift to satisfy the entrepreneur’s thirst for knowledge. After all, there’s no one better to learn from than Guy Kawasaki himself, a well-respected figure in the world of entrepreneurship.

3. Kindle eReader
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Kindle
Kindle eReader

An entrepreneur who’s always on the go would enjoy having a Kindle reader to access the massive collections of e-books on Amazon. Scrolling through a couple of pages on leadership contents is definitely a great idea of killing time at the airport.

Best Gifts For Productivity
Time is more important than money for entrepreneurs. You can help entrepreneurs to master time by sending them some of these gifts during the holidays.

4. Self Journal by BestSelf
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Self Journal
Self Journal by BestSelf

A great struggle for entrepreneurs is to ensure that their schedule is properly planned to fit their tight calendar. This Self Journal helps entrepreneurs to plan their daily schedule with great detail. It’s one of the best gifts for an entrepreneur who’s obsessed with accountability.

5. Moleskine Smart Writing Set
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Moleskine
Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Not every entrepreneur love to type. For those who are used to jotting down notes and worrying about losing them, the Moleskine Smart Writing set allows scribbles to be transferred to digital storage in real time.

6. Evernote Business Subscription
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Evernote
Evernote Business

Help the entrepreneur friend to stay on top of the business with an annual subscription of Evernote Business. Besides the basic functionality of creating memos, the new Spaces feature allows easy collaboration with team members.

Best Gifts For Working Space
Modern working space is all the rave these days. A neat and well-designed workplace is conducive to entrepreneurs and their team. These are great gift ideas for any workspace.

7. Photos On Glass
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - PHoto On Glass
Photos On Glass

If your spouse is busy turning his or her entrepreneurial dream to reality, nothing beats a great photo of your cherished moment in the workspace to for a boost of motivation. Add a touch of elegance by having the photos printed on glasses.

8. Coffee Maker
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

You could never go wrong with getting a coffee maker for an entrepreneur. With the regular late nights and the demand for extra caffeine boost in the morning, entrepreneurs need to have their perfect blend of coffee served on time.

9. Desktop Organizer
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Desktop ORganizer
Desk Organizer

A tidier workspace makes way for clearer thoughts and productivity. A well-designed desktop organizer helps to declutter the desk while keeping the essential office supplies within reach. A modern looking desktop organizer would fit the desk of any entrepreneur.

Best Gifts For Health
A common issue for entrepreneurs is they forsake their health in their obsession with their business. These gifts will get their health back on the right track.

10. Fitbit Alta HR
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Fitbit
Fitbit Alta HR

No entrepreneur should neglect their health in the quest for building their business empire. The Fitbit Alta HR helps to keep track of heart rate as your entrepreneur buddy keeps up with regular health regime. The friendly reminder on the smartwatch ensure that the not a single day is spent without working out.

11. Yoga Mat
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Yoga
Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the greatest activity for a balanced training of mind and body. Entrepreneurs could get their health back on track with yoga practice and a high-quality yoga mat definitely makes a good gift. With a yoga mat, entrepreneurs can practice their favorite yoga posture anywhere.

12. Hiking Poles
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Hiking
Hiking Poles by BAFX Products

There’s something about hiking and entrepreneurship. Perhaps it’s about how every hike is different even on the same trail. Or the satisfaction of reaching the top in the end. Regardless of the reason, a pair of hiking poles is one of the best gifts for an entrepreneur who loves to hike.

Best Gifts For Sleep
It’s unimaginable how entrepreneurs squeeze time for sleep when with the jam-packed schedule that they have. Start helping them to get the much-needed sleep with these gifts.

13. Sleep Mask
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Sleep Mask
Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Entrepreneurs are known to be sleep deprived as they have so many things on their plate. But when they get the chance to sleep, it’s important that they get the deepest sleep. A sleep mask helps entrepreneurs to stay undistracted in their sleep. It helps them to get a quality nap during travels as the brain associate darkness with sleep.

14. Essential Oil Diffuser
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Diffuser
Essential Oil Diffuser

There is a truth about not taking works to bed, especially for entrepreneurs. Instead, having an essential oil diffuser helps to create a soothing environment that ensures busy entrepreneurs get the much-needed sleep. Besides that, the therapeutic benefits of essential oil help them to wake up refreshed in the morning.

15. Contour Pillow
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Pillow
Contour Pillow

Sleeping on the right pillow could mean between a rejuvenated self or starting the day sluggishly. Contour pillows that are therapeutically designed for neck pain help entrepreneur to maintain the right posture as they sleep. This indirectly allows the body to be relaxed during bedtime.

Best Gifts For Gadget Geek
Like any of us, some entrepreneurs are obsessed with gadgets. Delight them during the holidays by packing one of these gadgets.

16. Bluetooth Speaker
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Speaker
JBL Bluetooth Speaker

For entrepreneurs who are an avid music lover, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker delivers the satisfaction of clear bass and distortion-free tone. It’s one of the best gifts for an entrepreneur who are inspired by music to get things flowing in rhythm.

17. Microsoft Surface Book 2
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Surface book
Microsoft Surface Book 2

This is probably one of the best evolution of Microsoft’s 2-in-1 laptop. Entrepreneurs would love working on this powerful machine that not only produces vivid graphics but equipped with a battery that lasts up to 17 hours. If you have a rather flexible budget for a gift, this gift is definitely worth the money.

18. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Mouse
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Logitech
Logitech Ergo MX

Sometimes, the best gadget gift is one that’s chosen for practicality. This can be in the form of a wireless mouse by Logitech. Regardless of how smooth a tracking pad is on a laptop, nothing beats the convenience of pointing and clicking with a mouse.

Best Gifts For Travelling
Today’s business is about as global as you can get. Get these gifts to help you entrepreneur buddies to travel worry-free.

19. Travel Luggage
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Luggage
Travel Luggage

When it became almost impossible to meet your entrepreneur friend who’s always traveling around the world, a luggage is arguably the best gifts for an entrepreneur at the top of your shopping list. The best luggage is lightweight while keeps clothes and toiletries organized with dividers.

20. Universal Adapter
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Adapter
Universal Adapter

The last thing an entrepreneur should worry about is whether their laptop adapters are compatible with the socket used by the country that they traveled to. Make an entrepreneur happy by sending them a multipurpose universal adapter that works in any country.

21. Airbnb Gift Card
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - AirBnB
Airbnb Gift Card

Starting a business often involves getting into bootstrapping mode. This means getting the lowest rate for accommodation while traveling for business trips. A useful gift for entrepreneur comes in the form of Airbnb gift card, that allows a diverse choice of affordable stays in major cities around the world.

Best Gifts For Work
Work for entrepreneurs can be very different. Yet, here are some items that any entrepreneurs wouldn’t mind having as a gift.

22. Portable Printer
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Printer
Epson Workforce WF 100

Despite the digital age that we’re living in, traditional printing still matters in business. A portable printer allows an entrepreneur to print on the move. It can be pretty handy when an entrepreneur ran out of business card just before a major trade event.

23. LivePlan Subscription
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Liveplan

Statistics have proven that entrepreneur that fails to plan for their business often fail before they even started. LivePlan is a useful online software that helps entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into actionable plans. Getting an annual subscription as is definitely one of the best gifts for an entrepreneur.

24. Karma Portable WiFi Hotspot
Best Gifts For An Entrepreneur - Karma
Karma WiFi Hotspot

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