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By: brentmobile
Seldovia is known to be one of the world’s best-kept fishing secrets with the most spectacular experience when you accompany your fishing trip with our Seldovia bed and breakfast lodging option. Our beautiful B&B sits right on the waterfront with views of the Seldovia Bay, Cook Inlet, and snow-capped mountains. When choosing a fishing destination, you simply can’t go wrong with Seldovia Fishing Adventures.

Here are 7 halibut fishing tips in Seldovia:
Halibut season
The best halibut season is February 1st to the very end of December. There is a limit when it comes to how many halibut you are allowed to fish. Seldovia Fishing Adventures will have all of that information for you.

2. Equipment
Picking the right fishing rod, reel, and line is important. Choose a good, sturdy 6 to 7-foot fishing pool. You also need a double action reel with a minimum 60-70 pound braided-nylon line. Choosing an option with less drag is ideal. It’s up to you on whether or not a J-hook or a circle hook is what you’d like to use. Our expert team can help you decide.

3. Halibut are bottom feeders
You need to drop the hook to the floor of the ocean because halibut like to stay 200-300 feet beneath the surface. When bringing the fish to the surface, reel them in steadily and you don’t need to pump the line. Keep the pressure on the line and then have someone else on the boat have the gaff ready for the fish. You don’t want them to flip around so much that you lose them off the hook.

4. Eat a good breakfast
Load up on a good, hearty breakfast before heading out to fish for the day. Halibut fishing is a day-long event and Seldovia Fishing Adventures provides a complimentary breakfast to fill you up.

5. Lures
Octopus-resembling rubber lures are the most popular on the market, however, there are many other options to choose from as well. You can try out different ones and see what seems to be working. You want to be sure that it smells appealing to the halibut.

6. Bait
The best halibut bait is fresh herring, geoduck clams, or salmon bellies. These fish smell their food so it’s important to use as fresh of bait as possible. We have all the bait you need to be prepped and ready on our fishing boats.

7. Leave everything to the experts and have fun
Seldovia Fishing Adventures will set up everything for you so you can sit back, relax, fish and revel in all of the beauty and adventure that Seldovia has to offer. Once you’re done fishing for the day, we filet and skin your fish for you. Our team vacuum packs, boxes and snap freeze your fish in an airline-approved box. We will even help with shipping if needed.

Going on 34 years in business, Seldovia Fishing Adventures is known as a “must stay” in Seldovia. With top ratings by Trip Advisor, Picked-by-You and more, Brent and Raewyn are proud to always offer great fishing adventures with the homestyle comfort of a cozy bed and breakfast.

If you are looking for alaska halibut fishing, then visit Seldovia Fishing Adventure. It is the perfect way to experience salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. We provide world class fishing charters and b&b accommodations with friendly service, mouth watering banquets and incredible views across the Seldovia bays. To enjoy maximum fun with fishing adventure, please visit at

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