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By: Hannah B Walker
With the first quarter of the year coming to a close, it isn’t too late to get in on what’s hip in wedding photography this 2018. Below is a rundown of some of the most exciting trends that have been dominating the wedding photography world since the start of the year—ideas to help you decide what the best marriage photography scheme to follow for your own big event:

• Prenuptial shoots: The pre-wedding shoot has been pretty much an on-going trend for the last decade, and it’s showing no signs of dying down, mainly because of its convenience and benefits. Prenuptial photo shoot sessions come in all shapes and forms. Some prefer having intimate sessions with just the bride and groom, while others feature the entire bridal party dressed in their big-day attire. The great thing about pre-wedding photo shoots is that it allows more time for the bride and groom to celebrate with their guests instead of taking a huge slice of their time during the wedding party just to get the best marriage photography moment and the perfect wedding portrait.

• Going unplugged: You’ve seen the memes. It’s a huge pet peeve for photographers to have to shoot a wedding ceremony or party with everyone’s phones propped up for the perfect Instagram story. Unplugged wedding ceremonies are great because they keep your wedding guests in the moment and away from their devices, at least during the wedding rites. With everyone and their consumer DSLR/cellphone camera trying to get a perfect shot of the marrying couple, you can only imagine how ruined ceremony photos are a huge issue. One way to ensure the best marriage photography on your wedding day is to choose to go unplugged.

• Drone photography: While hover cars are far from being a reality, drones are here and now, and they make pretty cool wedding photography instruments. They offer great aerial perspectives of your entire wedding, although not without its downsides, especially since drone photography is still a new practice. To ensure good quality drone photography during your wedding day, make sure that your photographer has proper insurance, licensing, and has had extensive training in its use.

• Photojournalistic photography: Another growing trend in wedding photography is the photojournalistic approach, where photographers capture moments as they happen, thus avoiding images that are “too posed” or scripted. These photographs help preserve the memories of the wedding day in a more authentic manner instead of ending up with photos that are overly directed.

About Hannah B Walker:

Hannah B Walker is an Australian born photographer living in Europe. She holds a diploma in Photo imaging, CCP. After graduation, she moved to the South of France to start her business. She specializes in wedding and villa photography as well as content creation for the brands.

Contact Details:
Hannah B Walker Photographics
Rue Vauban,
France, 06600
Phone- 33 7 81 85 55 08

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