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By: Abhinav Sharma
Are you looking forward to learn new ways to reduce your stress levels and enhance the amount of productivity? Remember, just a few alterations in your working nature can make a significant effect.

If you are in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and work as a content marketer, and you’re searching for new ways to manage your time in a better manner, then have a look at these amazing tips.

Check out these tips that can enable you to save time and take advantage of your work hours.

1. Before You Start Writing – Make A Plan

When you start content creation without a framework or review of what you need to accomplish, you'll likely need to perform more revisions/updates later, or in many cases, even rewrite some content from the beginning. Save yourself time over the long haul by putting a couple of minutes in creating a blueprint when you begin working. When you know which areas you wish to cover, you'll have the capacity to deliver the content more rapidly and effectively.

2. Make To-Do Lists

One of the most effective and highly productive tools is to-do list. To-do are an extraordinary efficiency apparatus – they let you sort out your needs and see initially what you need to wrap up quickly. However, you need to be realistic while creating to-do lists. Don’t make a mistake of listing work of 5-6 days in just a single day, since you won’t be able to do it and you might end up disappointed with the whole idea. Keep your focus on 2-3 most important tasks first.

3. Keep Your Audience In Your Mind

First, you need to find out exactly who your audience is, and what they are interested in reading. You can save lots of time and rewritings tasks by knowing who you're making content for after all. Create a few viewers personas, if you haven’t done that yet, and keep them in mind while you write. Consider what sort of tone and approach will be best with your future viewers.

4. Set Clear Objectives

Objectives give you a guide to move in the right direction, which means you'll invest significantly less energy in dealing with unimportant work. You need to set week by week, month to month, and yearly objectives for your content advertising, and make a well-made strategy to accomplish them. If you don’t have time to write and promote content for your website, then hire the best SEO Company in India to do the job for you.

5. Write When You Feel Fresh And Creative

First, you need to recognize what sort of writer you are, and exploit it. In case you're a morning person, for example, you like to handle your difficult tasks early in the morning then you should write in the morning. If you work better in an office environment or writer better on your desk at home, then do the work where you feel more fresh and creative.

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