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By: andamanplantations
Noni is a tiny tree that grows up to a height of ten to twenty feet and the leaves also are glossy and thick and they are also dark green in color. In fact, the noni fruits have unfamiliar shape and they also are three to five inches long and when they mature they become soft as well as yellowish-white in color. They are grown in adverse climate and they are also grown in the barren lands. The best thing is that they are tolerable to waterlogging, heavy wind and drought condition. They are cultivated in Australia, South Asian countries and also in different parts of our country. Keeping in mind the huge demand for these products amongst people, the expert farmers of Andaman Plantations have adopted advanced techniques to cultivate these products in huge quantity. These products are vital for multiple health benefits, starting from curing indigestion, arthritis to improving cardiac health.

Cures cholesterol issue effectively

If the lipids in the blood are present at an abnormal level, then you will be susceptible to multiple cardiovascular issues. Since smoking of cigarettes increases the level of cholesterol the experienced researchers have conducted the in-depth study involving over thirty people who are known to be heavy smokers. In fact, these people are advised to consume this drink for at least twenty-five to thirty days. The result has emphasized the fact that by consuming the drink for thirty days they can reduce the lipoprotein level, a particular type of bad cholesterol effectively.

Proves anti-aging medicine

This noni contains a huge amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that also can help to repair as well as regenerate the injured skin cells successfully. Because of the healing properties, the noni fruits can be used for the treatment of skin issues such as redness, rashes and so on. It is vital for the treatment of skin and it also helps you to look younger and glamorous. The regular application of the fruit pulps on the affected region is vital for you and it also causes the soothing effect on the skin.

Gets rid of headache

This product contains a huge amount of potassium that helps you to decrease the symptoms associated with a migraine or a headache by all possible ways. If you suffer from a chronic headache it is important that you should consume noni fruit for instant relief.

Cures indigestion

It is rich in macronutrients, phytochemicals, and proxeronine that can improve the secretion of digestive enzyme. Moreover, it stimulates as well as enhances the functioning of the digestive system in the best possible way.

Avoids cardiovascular issues

The anti-inflammatory ingredients of noni can prevent RBCs from getting clustered and also help to improve cardiovascular health successfully. In fact, the fruits are rich in sterols, magnesium, scopoletin and also diverse kinds of antioxidants that can reduce muscular convulsion, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure level, and so on.

Andaman Plantations is a leading private planter dedicated to cultivating noni, clove, vanilla, cinnamon and other products through the organic process.

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