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By: Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat
The word ‘author’ conjures an image of a gray-haired lady or an old professor. Very few people would believe that some of the acclaimed and famous authors of today were actually teenagers when their first work got published. However, the fact is that there are a sizeable number of young authors from across the globe who are inspiring the youth to speak up and express their opinions. So, if your 12-year child expresses the desire to publish his or her work, do not discourage. Look out for youth books publishing houses that welcome young authors instead.
Here, check out these publishing tips for young authors and be sure to pass them to your child who is a talented pre-teen or teen author.

# Association with a writing club or group
For authors, It is very obvious that they have not yet developed their true writing style, tone, voice and pattern. They might consider this as bad news, but truly speaking, this is the time for making mistakes, learning from their errors and developing their craft. The best way to do this is by becoming a member of an online or offline writing club or group.

The advantages of being part of a team of writers that continually interact with each other and share their craft is immeasurable. Apart from that, having a class of people willing to read each other’s work and give their response will give your child a lot of confidence.

# Enrollment in writing workshops
The only difference between a writing class and workshop is that the latter is interactive. For young writers who are incredibly passionate and zealous about writing, the writing workshops are totally worth it. While attending a creative writing workshop, your child will get to discover himself or herself. Not only will they receive the opportunity to work with other young writers, but also get an opportunity to meet experienced and already established authors because workshops are usually conducted by industry-experts.

# Following the pattern of established writers
A great mechanism to master writing skills is to follow the established and popular writers. However, it does not imply that one must plagiarise. By inculcating a habit of reading, young writers will be able to gather the knowledge required to pen down their own thoughts and stories. They will also be able to develop their own style of writing. By doing so, the budding authors will be able to sharpen their skills and also overcome the fear of facing a blank page.

# Finding a publishing house that publishes works by young authors
This is one the most effective measures young writers can take to get close to acquiring their first writing credit. Generally, the people running these online publishing houses are unbiased about writing regardless of the age factor. With immense knowledge and experience in the writing world, these companies know how to guide the young writers. Most of the publishing houses that helps aspiring writers to publish their works do not have editors, but mentors. This is an attempt to help the young writers learn about the process of getting published and become accustomed to all that comes after publishing their first work. From crafting the manuscript to the final book, young authors can count upon professional guidance.

With the aforementioned tips in mind, your child can soon witness his or her first work being published. So, start searching for a publishing house that assists pre-teens, teenagers and young adults in realising their dream of becoming established authors. Remember to ask your son or daughter to read through the publishing contract or agreement before signing. Also, keep on encouraging your child to write down his or her opinions, stories or thoughts. As a parent, you can become a key motivator.

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Bombadil Publishing is an eccentric youth books publishing house that believes young people can and want to become an author. They do not consider age as a barrier and work outside the typical publication framework. Their efficient team of mentors work with the young writers for developing great pieces of writing.
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