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Author: Mary DeWalt Design Group
A model home designer helps complete the overall appeal of a model home by applying various interior design principles combined with their knowledge of the market in selecting the right furnishing, decorations, and accessories for the model home. If you have a background in interior design and similar practices and you have a good eye for creating appealing home atmospheres, model home merchandising and staging can be a good career path for you. In fact, there are many interior design firms in Texas that provide opportunities for individuals with skills and knowledge in home staging. Home developers and builders hire model home designers for homes staging to prep their model homes for open houses and public viewing. The main purpose of model home merchandising in Texas is to help prospective buyers visualize what it would be like to live in a model home with the help of the right treatments, furnishings, and other design elements that make people feel more at home.

In addition to interior design firms in Texas, a model home designer can also get on board with building firms, architects, real estate owners, subdivision developers, and even individual home owners who may want to have their home staged for a re-sale or who may want their house remodeled for better space utilization. A model home designer is different from other types of designers in that they specialize in the staging of homes for sale. This means operating on stricter time constraints and budgets than typical interior decorating. Model home design professionals work with home builders to make sure that their finished product appeals to potential buyers.

If you think that model home merchandising is a good career fit for you, it is important that you know what this profession entails in terms of professional responsibilities. Designers who choose to take this career path must have a good understanding of efficient space planning. They are also expected not only to present ideas to clients but to install and execute their designs. At times, you may be asked to prepare documentation for construction details as well as to select finishes in addition to furnishings, art, and accessories for the subject home. Interpersonal skills are also important as you are expected to meet with clients and tour houses with real estate agents and representatives in order to explain ideas and effectively model the different features of the home, so that they can be properly sold to potential buyers.

About The Author:

Mary Dewalt Designs Group team brings years of experience in identifying trends and delivering perfect home models for you. They help their customers make a huge difference in the market by boosting their selling effectiveness and setting them apart. They design your model home working on its each and every detail, from traffic flow and room size to furniture placement and trim detail. Their focus is on maximizing your model home investment according to your customer’s needs. The work which Mary Dewalt Design Group provides will keep the customer engaged and enhance the buyer’s experience by keeping the level of interest high.

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