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By: Denial Smith
Having the first look can turn many heads towards you. So, looking beautiful is significant. There are, of course, many beauty tips that women follow faithfully to get an attractive appearance. It doesn't take much time if you keep on following them – essentially quite naturally makes you look good. Nothing like it if you are already beautiful – the beauty tips would make you only all the more beautiful (in a word, augment your beauty). The icing on the cake is the numerous beauty products for women in the market – makes you actually very difficult to opt for the right product. Really it is true to an extent that you do not need to spend a fortune to look beautiful.
Now we discuss tricks for 10 Lashes
The best way to intensify the look is through the eyelashes. For this, you have to take care of them and know how to make them up, since they play a fundamental role in makeup. It is not enough just to put on mascara, but also to keep in mind some tricks:
- A couple of nights a week, use a natural oil or Vaseline to keep the lashes hydrated. Do it before sleeping so that the product does not fall on the eyes. In this way, they appear healthier and even look like false eyelashes of how long they can be done.
- If we brush our hair, why not lashes? There are special brushes that do it gently to make them appear longer and with greater volume. It must be done before applying the mascara and it helps to avoid lumps.
- If you use a curling iron, never use it with the mask on. Nor should you squeeze the eyelids, as they can weaken them. Laze them little by little and gently so that they are natural.
- When putting the mascara must avoid lumps. How? Cleaning the brush with a very delicate paper or spinning inside the container instead of removing and putting it. Also, this prevents any element that could damage it from getting into the eye.
- Remember also that to achieve more volume and separate the lashes, the mascara brush should move in a zig-zag. This way they are opened one by one and, in addition, it is a way for the lumps not to form.
And, of course, to have 10 lashes the best option is to have a good mascara that provides volume and lengthen. One of them, and that has just hit the market, is that of YSL, Vinyl Couture, which also provides a great curvature and a vinyl effect. This is thanks to the fact that, for the first time, the fluid with which the eyelashes are made up is formulated with a completely transparent base that allows a high concentration of pigments and micro waxes to create a polished, shiny and carolled effect.
But in addition, YSL Vinyl Couture reinvents the looks thanks to its nine colours, from green to purple or yellow. Each of them expresses your moment, dare!

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