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By: Scott Louise
Everyone has used sex toys or at least thought of using them at some point in their lives. It might be for filling in the void of emptiness or simply to try something new. But most of you would not have tried the same with your partner. But the fact is, using sex toys together as a couple is ten times more fun.

Here are the top 5 cheap adult toys that couples like to use in bed –

1. Strap ons
It is every man’s fantasy to see you at the door surprising him wearing nothing but a hot pair of chains and strap ons around your body. It makes you look sexy and makes them not get your mind off you.

It is a great way to revive your fading romance because of your bust schedules. So the next time you get a night to spend with each other, make it really really hot and happening!

2. Bondage sets
Bondage sets or should I say the foreplay masters. There is no better foreplay than tying up your partner, blindfolding them, tickling them lightly and progressing to doing unspeakable things to their body till they can’t wait to get out of those cuffs and rock your world.

When your partner is blindfolded, they are more aware of your presence and more into the act rather than blankly staring at something else. Also, it increases their level of trust in you since they have your complete attention

3. Masturbators
Why not! And yes masturbators too are considered to be couples’ sex toy. It helps you prepare yourself and level up if it has been kind of a long time for the both of you. Whether it is an auto blow or a pocket vibrator it will work. You will be back in the game and show your partner a good time. You can even make use of masturbators in your kinky acts like when you have completely tied up the other person.

4. Vibrators
Of course, how can we leave out vibrators! These are supposed to be used together when you are both familiar with using cheap adult sex toys and you have used them on your own as well. There are various kinds of dildos so you should know which one to go for. If you want a hollow strap on dildo, consider choosing the one with ridges for better pleasure.
Dildos could make things interesting during a threesome as well, if you and your partner are open to it. Two women wearing strap on dildos and going at it with each other would surely be a sight for you to watch. Also if you guys are into anal, butt plugs and anal dildos are available separately. Don’t use the regular dildo for it.

5. Penis rings
Penis rings are the best sex toys to use during the conventional act of sex. It makes the simulations harder and stronger by consuming the least of your energy. It helps you with your erection, making the little boy last longer till conclusion.

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