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By: Nana Hair
It is a difficult task to choose the right hair extensions to complement your natural hair. It is crucial to buy hair extensions that blend with your natural hair especially if you are going to purchase clip-in extensions. Many women hesitate while buying hair extensions as they worry that hair extensions will not look natural on them. The market is flooded with different types and varieties of hair extensions such as frontal lace, body wave, hair with closure, clip-in, etc. It is suggested that you are mindful of buying hair extensions especially when you are making an online purchase.

You can refer to different beauty blogs to get an idea regarding the ways to use and take care of your hair extensions for outstanding outcomes. Given here are three ways that will help you blend your clip-in hair extensions with your natural hair:

• The shade of your hair extensions must match with the color of your hair to give you a gorgeous look. Before buying hair extensions it is suggested that you must identify the exact color and texture of your hair so that you can order the right clip-in hair extensions. However, if your hair extension does not match completely with the color of your hair, you can dye them in the color of your hair. This will help you in getting a natural look even after using a hair extension. If you are not sure regarding the shade of your hair or which shade would suit you the most, you can talk to beauty and hair extension experts and get all your doubts cleared.

• One of the most important ways of blending your hair extensions with your natural hair is by adding it in layers. Always make sure that you part your hair and put in the extensions of same length and width and then style your hair. These will make them look completely natural. You should also remember to style your hair like curl, press, etc. only after you have worn your hair extensions. This will help ensure that your natural hair and extensions make the complete look. If you put in extensions later, they will not blend in properly and the whole hairstyle will not appear as natural and effortless.

• If you are using clip-in hair extensions, you need to be more careful. This is because clip-in hair extensions do not look very natural. When using these hair extensions, you should brush your hair properly so that the extensions completely get blended with your original hair and give you a natural look. You should also style your hair after you have put in all the clip-in hair extensions to set your look on point. Real human hair extensions are slightly expensive but they blend well with natural hair easily as compared to synthetic hair.


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