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By: adrianskenn
PepperScript Summer Special pack SAB KE COMICS is a definitive way of showing PepperScript's love to its readers and comic lovers. It is available in amazon at best price 300. Sab Ke Comics, An Initiative By Sab Tv, Is An Effort To Bring The Tv Characters To A Comic Form. The Tv Series Like Chidiya Ghar, Lapataganj, Fir, Baalveer And Many More, Come Closer To You With These Comic Books.

SAB KE COMICS is a book where all the characters have unique character traits. There is a show called Chidiyaghar. In this story we have some animal characters like babuji kesari narayan as lion or head of the family and he has 3 sons. They are Ghotak, Goumukh & kapi and 3 daugher in laws- koyal, Mayuri & chuhiya and they has a dear servant gadha prasad and his wife nagin his brother maindhak prasad. The show highlights the day to day happenings with a touch of humor through the animal traits in the characters.

Here is another character Baalveer, he is super hero who has been endowed by powers from Parilok and its main Pari Rani Pari. He keeps facing constant challenges from Bhayankar Log and Bhayanak pari. However, he resides with Meher and Manav on earth to help them face Montu their tormentor. The Show sees advent of multiple evil powers supported by Bhayankar Pari where Baalveer saves kids on earth.

And a Haryanvi Lady cop and her Hawaldars solve interesting cases from unique complainants. Chandramukhi Chautala works with Bajrang Pandey and her Hawaldars – a old hawaldar named Gopi who likes reading newspapers, another Billu who has the habit of forgetting things and Gulgule who get ideas for solving cases and gets beaten up by Chandramukhi Chautala often.

Later an old village called lapataganj where the protagonist Mukundi a government servant and other villagers cope with the ever changing times. They all Played unique characters like Mamaji, Biji Pandey, Mishri Mausi, Lallanji, Jeannie, Kachua, Juju, Chacha and all give an indian feel of the lost village lapataganj. The show revolves around Jeannie’s Mischiefs getting Juju into trouble. Enjoy some funny stories, thrilling comic strips and intricate illustrations by this book.

Buy Sab Ke Comics by pepperscipt, It is an effort to bring the tv characters to a comic form. The Tv Series Like Chidiya Ghar, Lapataganj, Fir, Baalveer And Many More, Come Closer To You With These Comic Books. For more details visit us at

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