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By: Tanjni Pache
Purchasing an LED TV is like a dream come true. But the actual process of selection and subsequent buying can create quite a hassle for those consumers who are not well-versed with the nuances of the same. The popularity of LED TV stems from the fact that its picture quality is much better than the LCD versions. Also the use of dimming technology enables the users to view motion pictures in much better contrasts. This is due to the use of LEDs and not the fluorescent lights commonly used in the LCD TVs.

Some very important features which make its output much better than the LCDs are:

• Contract Ratio: It is the contrast ratio of the LED TV which generally defines the led tv price and makes it give value for the money spent. Since this ratio is generally used to balance the lightness and darkness of the screen display, the higher the ratio, the better is the sharper are the images. Hence most high-end LED TV displays show whites which are much brighter and also much deeper blacks.

• Connectivity:LED TVs are generally connected to media consoles with the help of an HDMI cable. Thus for connections to more number of consoles like computers, mobiles, digital audio devices, projectors etc., the number of HDMI ports present should also be conducive. In fact it should come with atleast one HDMI port irrespective of whether it is a 32 inch tv or one of any other size.. The presence of Ethernet over HDMI cable in a few LED TVs, also ensures that it can be cordlessly connected to various IP enables devices.

• Smart TV: With a smart hd tv india, users are able to connect to and access the internet with the help of their LED TVs. These TVs are known as internet televisions and come with preloaded apps just like a smartphone. Users can also download applications as per their choice, watch movies on the internet, access social media platforms etc. These LED TVs connect to the Internet either with the help of an Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi. While some TVs enable users to only access the Web through the apps pre-installed in them, there are others through which the rest of the internet can also be easily accessed.

• Wi-Fi: This is one feature which is extremely important and should be mandatorily present in the LED TV purchased. While this is a feature which is not present in the smaller LED TVs, it is generally present in bigger sized models like 43 inch tv etc. Having Wi-Fi connectivity ensures that there are no cables running from the TV to the hub thereby making the place look cleaner and also facilitating greater flexibility of use.

• 3D compliant: Today both 2D and 3D complaint LED TVs are available but one should always opt for one which is 3D complaint. This enables the user to watch both 2D and 3D contents on the television thereby increasing its utility.

Irrespective of the brand of LED TV purchased, it is important to ensure the presence of the above features. The LED TV is generally a one-time buy because of the cost factor involved and should thus be chosen carefully.

Tanjni Pache is a tech expert and writes about HD TV India. For more information about 32 inch tv and led tv price.

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