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Author: Benbassat Orthodontics
It is easier to explain the concept of a tooth fairy and make your child excited about losing their baby teeth, sometimes known as milk teeth, fall out. There are plenty of reasons that cause misalignment of teeth. One of them is when all the milk teeth have not fallen out yet and the adult teeth start to come out. Since the baby teeth are holding the correct spots, the adult teeth start to grow out of alignment from the rest of the teeth.

For many children, this might be the case with more than one tooth resulting in largely misaligned teeth. If these teeth are incisors and canines, the smile is essentially ruined also affecting the self-confidence of the child badly. Instead of waiting for your child to grow up, it is ideal to visit a paediatric orthodontist. Here are 3 reasons why it is important:

• If you visit your paediatric orthodontist early, he will be able to guide you on how you can help our child learn the basics of oral hygiene. Many people find it tough to make their children learn the importance of brushing their teeth at a young age and an orthodontist will be able to tell the current condition of the teeth and what kind of treatment or precautions need to be taken to make sure that the child has healthy teeth.

• A paediatric orthodontist will be able to check your child’s teeth when just a few adult teeth have come out. Whether they are aligned or misaligned, the oral surgeon Richmond Hill professional will be able to help you understand the kind of treatment that might be required down the road. Since it will take some time for all adult teeth to grow, you might have to wait to take action on the basis of the advice but it will help you get prepared.

• In case your child’s teeth are out of alignment, the paediatric orthodontist can recommend a course of treatment to be followed so that by the time the child is a young adult, a majority of his dental problems have been dealt with properly. If the child is too young, the orthodontist will be able to guide your child to better take of his teeth instead of starting a treatment. Once the child is old enough, he will start the treatment so that all the dental problems are handled while the kid is still in school. It can do wonders for the confidence levels of your child since it can be tough to go for dental procedures especially braces or other teeth alignment treatment at a later stage in life.

About the Company is the orthodontist in Richmond Hill parents have trusted for years. The practice’s team takes great pride in helping children grow smiles they’ll love.

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