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By: Professional Locksmith
Lockouts and other lock related emergencies are devastating experiences that can arise anytime. Most of the individuals doesn't carry a spare key with them, and therefore, land on a helpless and frustrating situation. When you fell victim to a lockout, the most practical way to get inside is calling a Toronto emergency locksmith.

Many a times, one is in such an urgent need that he cannot wait for a lock technician to arrive. Since doors are designed to offer protection, unlocking them without a key sounds impossible. Not to lose hope, there are various lock picking techniques that can help an individual to get inside his home during emergencies.

Some of the techniques for unlocking a door without key are:

1. Use a bobby pin

Using a bobby pin for lock unlocking needs patience and skills. It is one of the best and effective way to open a lock. To start with, one needs to enlarge the bobby pin by pulling it apart, so that it becomes long and flat. After this, use the edges of the lock to bend the pin's tip into a pick shape. Create a lever by bending another pin into the right angle. Once you get the perfect shape, the lock is ready to be picked.

Insert your lever into the bottom half space of the lock and turn it lightly in the direction you used to open the lock. Now insert your pick pin and bent it upside. Move it inside, until you feel striking the lock pins. Once your reach the picking spot, rotate the bobby pin until the lock is opened.

2. Use a hair clip

The most commonly used picking device is hair pin. They are used in a bit similar way the bobby pins are used. To prepare a hair pin, unfold it into a lock pick, so as to get a shape of a tension wrench. After getting the desired shape, you can pick the lock.

Insert the wrench into the bottom side of the keyhole, then turn it in the similar direction your lock key turns. After that, put the pick into the upper part of lock opening. Move it to locate and depress the pins. Continue with the movement, until the lock is opened.

3. Use a card

For opening a digital lock, credit card can be helpful. To unlock a door, one will need to find a large and flexible card that is probably of no use. Slide this credit card into the vertical crack that is often located between the door and the jamb. Tilt the card in a manner that its side should be touching the doorknob. After this, bend the card in the opposite direction and the lock will open up.

These were the few ways to unlock a door during an urgency. Lock picking should be avoided as it can result in damaged locks. The ideal option is to wait for a trusted locksmith or to have a spare key. Professional locksmith is a leading locksmith company in Toronto that offers full range of lock and key solutions including access control and security camera installation services at competitive prices.

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