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By: Jordan Allan
After a tedious day at work, the one thing that makes us long to get home as soon as possible is a relaxing bath. A cosy bath in the bathtub can rejuvenate our body and mind and give us new energy to get engaged in household chores. There are many ways to get a body spa experience at home. Not only that, you can also spend a long time in the bathtub and do your favourite activities.

Prepare the bathtub water:

You will have to prepare the water for your bath. You can put bath salt, essential oil or bath bombs found in London marketplaces. You have to wait for the water to mix the product fully before you get into the bathtub. You can prepare other things while your water gets ready.

Use the caddy tray:

Caddy trays can be of different materials like wood or metal. You can keep your magazines or books, green tea or wine, your cell phone, and other things that you may need while bathing. The caddy tray is very much helpful to keep essential things within the reach while you are relaxing.

Rest your head on the bath pillow:

You can buy a bath pillow also known as spa pillow which is not very expensive. You can rest your head on the pillow and enjoy your bath for as long as you want. You can even take a short nap in the cosy atmosphere.

Light some scented candles:

You can make the bathroom environment more enticing by lighting some scented candles. Keep the light off of your bathroom and relax in the bath while the sweet aroma of the candles spread in the room. Make sure that you like the smell of the candle. So, check before you buy the candles.

Listen to melodious music:

While you take a cosy bath you can listen to your favourite music. As the essential oil and bath bombs in London make your body feel completely relaxed, the music will make your mind feel refreshing. You can install a small music system or you can use headphones to listen melodious songs on your phone.

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