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By: brickyardsf
Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Did you know, however, that brunch is the most important meal of the entire week? The best brunch spots in SF have the right combination of food, fun, and drink that you need to get the most out of your weekend. Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t skip brunch.

1. You Get to Connect With Friends

Everybody is busy. It can be difficult to maintain personal relationships while keeping up with a hectic schedule. Brunch offers an easy solution. Setting aside some time each weekend to reconnect with friends is feasible. By picking a spot with a central location, everyone can easily get to the joint. Then, with great food and delicious libations, you can enjoy the company of your friends in a beautiful environment.

2. You Get to Choose

If you aren’t sure what you are in the mood to eat, Brunch has you covered. With menu options transcending traditional meals, you can select both breakfast and lunch offerings. Instead of eating something you don’t really want, then, you can opt for the perfect culinary creations at lunch.

3. You Get to Sleep Late

Unlike breakfast, brunch doesn’t have to be early. In fact, you can have brunch in the middle of the afternoon if you want. If you like to catch up on sleep on the weekends, brunch gives you an easy way to do so.

4. You Get to Save Time and Money

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. By merging two meals into one, you save both time and money. The best brunch spots in SF have specials designed to let you eat and drink without breaking the bank. Since the city can be expensive, you might benefit from working a weekly brunch into your schedule.

5. You Get to Treat Your Hangover

If Friday or Saturday night was a bit too much fun, brunch offers an effective way to recover from a hangover. With the right food and a morning beverage, you can feel better quickly.

6. You Get to Explore the City

Brunch gives you an opportunity to explore the Bay Area. With brunch places in SF scattered around the city, you can see the Mission District, SoMa, the Castro, and the Embarcadero in just one month of brunches.

7. You Get to Relax

Unlike dinner or an upscale lunch, brunch usually allows you to relax. Instead of donning fancy duds and eating on white tablecloths, you can usually enjoy your meal in a comfortable environment if you opt for brunch.

8. You Get to Drink

At brunch, nobody cares whether it is five o’clock anywhere. Instead, you get to indulge in alcoholic beverages regardless of the time of day.

9. You Get to Kick off Your Day

If you have a fun day planned, brunch is an excellent way to kick it off. Instead of heading straight to the museum, wharf, or park, you get to start your day with delicious food, great company, and a good drink.

10. You Get to Tell Stories

Something always happens at brunch. If you want something to talk about during the week, you have to be there.

For at least ten reasons, brunch is the best meal of the entire week. With many great brunch spots in SF, you simply can’t skip it. For more details about our services, please visit our site at

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