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By: Vicky Mehta
In equity research, a company’s finances are analysed, ratio anaysis are performed, and the fiances of a company are forecasted. The various scenarios of the companies are taken into consideration too. One of the most popular and promising company dealing with equity research is that of JM Financial.

This is primarily done with a view to buy and sell stock investments. The person who does the equity research is known as an equity research analyst. The research and analyses done by the equity research analyst is compiled in the equity research reports. They also conduct researches on the available stock in the company. This is compiled and can be found in the stock research reports. it is primarily the collection of details and data relating to the particular company or business and then this details are acted upon further to help enhance the business, profits and in the making of major decisions of the company.

In Equity research there are several steps to be followed by all such companies such as JM Financial. These include valuating the performance of the clients, researching the parameters of the economy and industry, performance of a fundamental analysis, determining the profits o the company and project revenues, valuation which is done with using DCF and relative valuation, comparing the values with that of the market, when the fair vale is lesser than the market value then it is sold, when the fair value is greater than the market value then it is bought. the research done on the industrial parameter are made note of in the industry research reports.

This means that a full fundamental analysis of the company and its entire history is collected from various sources. Equity research determines the information required by both the buyers and the sellers of the shares. A lot of time, energy and expertise along with years of experience is required to do a full and complete fundamental analysis of stocks.

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